Friday, May 20, 2011

Travis Leslie: bigger mouth than dunks?

Travis Leslie wasn't really known to run his mouth much on the floor in Athens. But he's hitting the headlines running as a future pro.

Apparently unsatisfied with comparisons between himself and veteran Memphis Grizzlies defensive stopper Tony Allen, Leslie told at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago on Thursday that he's the superior player.
"I feel like I'm a little better than Tony Allen," Leslie said. "Hopefully I can be compared to someone better. He's basically known for his D."
Leslie backed off those comments a few hours later on Twitter, claiming he was misquoted and that he actually said, "If I keep working hard on my game I feel like I COULD be a better player and scorer." Nonetheless, word of his original comments had already reached Allen, who not surprisingly wasn't thrilledthat a college junior who isn't even likely to be selected in the first round was taking jabs at him.
Slow down Travis. At least get drafted first.


Ginny said...

It's unfortunate that the media felt the need to blow this out of proportion. College athletes should be media-trained.

Anonymous said...

Not sure the media blew anything out of proportion. TL wants to be compared to someone other than Tony Allen, but has a ways to go to be as good as Tony Allen.

Travis could be a very good NBA player. He could be a bust. Right now, he has only shown the swagger to be in the league, coupled with some highlight reel dunks. When he has gotten dragged up and down the court by some of the players Allen mentioned and still got his 22 points, then you run your mouth.

But I am decidedly old school about these things, which is why I don't like the NBA to start with. I hope Travis wins five rings and is a 10 time All-Star. Right now, he is a likely 2nd rounder with 'tude and an enemy.

Bernie said...

When it comes to the NBA, I've always wondered...would I watch it, follow it if there were more Georgia players playing in it? I hope to find the answer to that question sooner rather than later. Cuz as it stands right now, I have zero use for pro basketball.