Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beer of the Week: 400 Pound Monkey

Left Hand Brewing Company is a solid brewery. I've liked it for awhile, but I've grown to love it since my trip to Boulder. I enjoy everything that comes from Fort Collins. This IPA (India Pale Ale) is no different.

Why does the world need another IPA? Well, this one is different. I've become a big fan of Jailhouse's Mugshot IPA. When I decided to make this BotW post on an India Pale Ale, the Mugshot was a distant second.

Look, in my mind you can't go wrong pouring me an IPA. I love em all. I'm a true hophead, the more hops the better. I haven't had one that I wouldn't drink again. But Left Hand's is different. It's unique and dares to challenge your hop crazed taste buds from the beginning.

If you've been to Colorado, you likely understand. They're a little bit different anyway. I thought Mrs. Bernie and I recycled until we went out there in October. Those people are militant about it. They like things fresh, clean and different. The 400 doesn't disappoint.

It's both smooth and piney. The hops are evident but the malts come through as you swallow and really round out the whole experience. Which is why I think this brew can both satisfy hopheads and other beer drinkers alike.

I can vouch for Left Hand's milk stout, Sawtooth and Chainsaw ales, Fade to Blacks (vol I and II), and Stranger. They're all good. But the 400 lb Monkey may be the most well-behaved of them all.



Anonymous said...

I've looked at it once or twice in the store, but didn't pull the trigger. I'll have to pick up a 6 with this high praise.

Herschel Blogger said...

The Left Hand milk stout is by far my favorite. I've found myself becoming a huge milk stout fan for some reason...

Cojones said...

UGA wins, 7-3.