Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beer of the Week: Cage Match IPA

Couldn't decide what to feature in this week's beer post. So I went to my beer fridge and lumped some IPAs together for an all out war with my mouth as the cage and my belly as the hungry, insatiable and frenzied crowd. What ensued was both hoppy and madness.

Sierra Nevada's Torpedo
This has been one of my favorites the last month or so. It's really piney and the dry hopping keeps the citrus levels to a minimum, which I like. Non-hopheads would pucker up and complain about the bitterness. But if you like your hop addiction to have a clean, thorough taste then you're gonna like this one too.

Victory's HopDevil
This is devilishly hoppish. Victory really knows what they're doing. The HopDevil came to me highly recommended by several and it did not disappoint. It means business. It's a little smoother than the Torpedo, you can catch hints of the malts more so than some other really hoppy IPAs.

TommyKnocker's HopStrike
The bitterness of the hops meets the mellowness of some chocolate malt. The Hop Strike is a good blend of really strong flavors. This is one that can bring you some differing tastes with each sip. The only fruit I tasted was some grapefruit. The bittery hops is evident but to me is overwhelmed by the chocolate rye.

Unfortunately, the HopStrike never stood a chance in this one. It's a good brew, nicely balanced...but completely overwhelmed by the two preceding heavy weights. The Torpedo and the HopDevil aren't the best IPAs I've had. But they are solid from pour to last gulp. The Torpedo put up a helluva fight, but the HopDevil dealt the knock out blow just as the match reached its feverpitch.


What's New This Week
The Beverage Superstore had their weekly free tasting yesterday. Paul had an assortment of brews from Uinta Brewery in Utah as well as Ode to Mercy and Invocation from Wild Heaven in Decatur. I hope my local readers have all had a chance to taste Wild Heaven's brews. They're really, really great. And if you're used to having to track them down on draft you're no doubt thrilled that they're now available in bottles. As for Uinta, everything was really good. From everything we tasted yesterday I would recommend their Anglers Pale Ale the most. Overall their beer reminded me some of everything I tasted out in Colorado: very crisp and clean. Very refreshing.

Also, kicked a growler of HopArt by Coast Brewing this week. If you've tried the IPAs above, hunt down some HopArt. You won't be disappointed.


AthensHomerDawg said...

Had my first "Son of Peach" last night. Very good.

Bernie said...

Awesome. Spread the word and maybe they'll start distributing more in the Peach State.

namaman said...

That cursed, ever elusive Son of a Peach that can't be found anywhere around here and that never quite makes the last leg of that bootlegger trip from the Carolina's to Tucker... Still can't make it past that band of beer pirates feverishly patrolling 316!!!

Anonymous said...

Wild Heaven has not made it to my neck of the woods yet, but I'll be looking.

If you liked HopDevil, you should try Victory's Hop Wallop if you haven't already. It's a great beer, but if nothing else I get to use my Same Elliott voice reading the "Legend of Hop Wallop" description on the 6-pk container.