Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ga/Fla: Rivalrous reasons for hope

Ok, I'm hitting the road for some vacation. Before I finish shoving (crap) in the trunk, here's the last installment of the week for the Ga/Fla series. I feel that it is incomplete. Please feel free to add to it in the comments.

So...the Georgia-Florida game isn't a rivalry in the truest sense of the word. The good news is we haven't totally screwed the overall series, yet. But with a mark of 47-40-2, there's little time to waste. Luckily there are some reasons for optimism.

Watered down swamp juice?
Let's start with something outside of our area code. True, this is a time in the Georgia program where much self-evaluation is needed. But we must at least address the changes that have happened in Gainesville since Will Hill intercepted that pass in overtime then smoked a joint all the way down to the Georgia goalline.

I think it's a given that Will Muschamp will be a good head coach. Does it happen right away or does he mature into it? Weis is a suspect hire at best. Brantley is still getting re-re-wired for yet another style of offense, and his Spring performance was pretty dismal (4 of 14 for 45 yards).

And as a prelude to the WLOCP the Gators get the Tide, LSU and Auburn. I doubt they lose all three of those, but I can easily see them limping into AllTel. Do they limp in a beaten animal...or angry?

Hot seat postulate
So many people are concerned with whether or not Mark Richt coaches his way off the hot seat or onto the unemployment line. I think there's a bigger issue. If Richt is to be our coach next year I don't just want him to save his job. I want a new winning attitude instilled. 

I'll go into greater depth later as to why I think the WLOCP could be a one game barometer, but suffice it to say I'll be watching our stock at the end of October closely. If CMR is to transcend simply winning more games we should see a team who's just as hungry at the end of the game as they are at the coin toss. 

I mean let's face it, Houston Nutt could garner a winning record against this 2011 slate. 

New attitude
This is to be taken for what it is worth, which in the Summer is very, very little. But there is the possibility that the team has a new and improved attitude about tackle football heading into the Fall. I'm not drinking any Kool-aid until after Carolina leaves town at the earliest. Been poisoned the last couple years by all the rah-rahs...we're awesome, wait and see! talk. 

But there is the possibility that we evolve into a team that is not just satisfied with what comes easy. One that is at least somewhat prepared for a full 60 minutes. 

And a full 60 minutes in Jacksonville could be just enough to turn the current of the St. John's river. Thanks for reading. Y'all have a great weekend.

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