Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh Phil, you had me at Priority Mail

Got my Phil Steele yesterday. I don't think my 9yo was expecting such a reaction when she walked through the door with the large envelope. I sacked her in the foyer, she fumbled and I took the College Football Preview in for the touchdown digestion.

So if you're the type of person who would rather get this issue fresh in your hands, just skip this post...and stay off the interwebs the next few days.

Here are some highlights from my Saturday afternoon perusement:
  • National scene. Steele has Georgia 9th in the country. Let that sink in a moment. With any other publication I would scoff. But with a guy who has things right more often than not, it gives me pause at the very least.
  • Conference scene. He has us winning the East and heading to the CapOne bowl against Ohio State (after predicting OSU to win the B1G Delaney he noted that this was written and printed before the August hearing, and also before Dohrmann clicked publish.)
  • Team units. The Dawgs are looking down at the rest of the country when it comes to special teams as he has Georgia ranked first. But he has us ranked nationally at in all of the positional units that he breaks down. Offensive line (39th) and linebacker (29th) are the only two units not ranked in his top 15.
  • Individual performers. Everyone is enamored with Aaron Murray and his 61% comp percentage as a freshman. But it's clear he likes the roster overall and is especially impressed by the talent coming to town this summer (21 freshmen in his top 500 and John Jenkins is #5 on his top 75 JUCOs)
  • Overall, Steele has Georgia as #2 on his list of Most Improved Teams for 2011. He admits that much of the reason for liking the Bulldogs is due to our schedule, but also feels Richt's 2011 team is the best in the SEC East outright.
That's just one quick, large bite from the 2011 preview. Yesterday was an exciting day getting it in the mail. But it's now time to get busy. The off season is drawing to a close. There is much blogging to do.


AthensHomerDawg said...

Per Steel's countdown I expected to see Georgia at 14.....when that didn't happen I was both worried and excited.
Go Dawgs!

Bernie said...

You and me both.

He makes a compelling argument for reasons to believe good things. But believing in June is a lot different than believing in November.

Regardless, I'm getting really excited. 90 days...

Anonymous said...

While Steele's analysis is always insightful and intriguing, if I'm not mistaken, didn't Ol Phil have our offensive line ranked first last year?

Dawgmjs said...

If we find a reliable threat at reciever and if our O-line plays up to its potential and if we steer clear of the dreaded injury bug, I think we are SEC title contenders. These are the 3 keys in my opinion. We'll see, but I surely hope that we are back where we belong. Where we belong is dangerous, fast, mean and physical. We have not been that the past two years.