Friday, June 3, 2011

Ok, I'll chime pay or not to pay?

Lot of talk in the mainstream media and even more in the social media about paying players getting some type of compensation for their time at an institution that makes a lot of money while they play their hearts out wearing their team's colors. 

Thanks Steven Spurrier, a word...No!

Look, I'm sorry colleges rake in dollars like oak leaves in October just from gate receipts on Fall Saturdays. I'm sorry the players that actually risk life and limb on the actual playing field see little to nothing of that money. Players want a piece of the pie that coaches and admins have been eating from. In way I don't blame them with some of the benjamins that are getting thrown around lately.

But without getting too political and philosophical...I'm not an entitlement person. And this is just an I'm entitled to... debate. The players make the plays that now get shown on both local and national television shows. They also put butts in the seats and create revenue from jersey sales.

But they're getting a free education. Isn't that still worth something nowadays?

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More readings on the topic:
- Seven coaches voted for and 5 against. (Chizik evidently thought it should be closer to $200K) 
- Current and former players support the head cock as well.
- Richt points out it would be more complicated than Spurrier suggested.
- NCAA prez Emmert agrees.
- in the poll to the left. 


William said...

I'm kinda for paying the players but that means all players not just the 70 or so that goto the game and not just the football program. If they decide to pay them let it be based on their performance off the field such as good conduct and grade average not just because they play sports. Think that could be a good solution they stay out of trouble and make money and hit the books for a better education and that pays them too.

Ollllddude said...

I don't want players to be stiffed, but the debate isn't about whether they get paid or not - they get paid now in scholarships, housing and books. The only issue is whether they deserve a raise. If it were simply a matter of considering only football, I think we could see that there's money available (at least at a handful of schools) so why not pay them?

Can any school also pay other athletes, including women's sports - it seems like a Title IX issue is hiding there somewhere. But then there is this: take out football and consider the issue in other university settings. What if there is research group working with professor on a project in complex carbohydrate research and the group, including grad students and upper class undergrads makes breakthrough which leads to a patent that makes the University millions or more? Pay them a bonus? Why or why not?

Like I said, I don't think anyone wants kids taken advantage of, but it really isn't as simple as just paying a few dollars out that you can afford.

DawgFan__1980 said...

I agree with you to a certain extent Bernie. When I was in school, the players would come in my workplace and cash a small check known as "meal money", because the cafeteria they used was closed on Sunday. It was also considered "laundry money". This check couldn't buy a tank of gas today. Athletes were also allowed to have summer jobs way back then. The NCAA has taken all of these things away, while the amount of television money has increased.

Due to Title IX, whatever they do will have to be across the board for every single student on an athletic scholarship. If they choose to do nothing, I can accept that, but at least quit allowing the NCAA to use their "likeness" and continue to profit off of these athletes after they have left the college game.

Anonymous said...

I have mixed emotions about the 'Pay to Play' debate. I am totally against pay per game,these guys, like other students will reap the benefits of their work when they leave college but to increase funds they recieve or give a stipend across the board I would be for. They aren't allowed to hold jobs, yet put in more hours than most of us who do, and make the institution they work for more money than most of us ever will. Just a little something so these guys don't have to break the rules to get the extra money. It wouldn't solve all the problems, nothing ever will, but I think it would help!!

Cojones said...

OK. Some of you want to pay them. Please tell me how much. Think they won't ask for and get more from one school to another? How about those who want more? How do you give them a raise? Should the program have a COLA? You had better have these and all other questions answered before you embark on a College Football Deathmarch Program. What message are you sending and how do you exit when you find out it doesn't work? Player empathy is no excuse to destroy College Football passion.

MikeInValdosta said...

Bernie, you can't argue there is a problem and it needs to be addressed.

Dawgmjs said...

Do you really think the players can be convinced to take a pay cut?

Bernie said...

I really appreciate the comments. FWIW, I think this is coming but we're maybe 4-8 years away yet.

I'll only add two things. First, that I truly appreciate all the sacrifices the players make. I wish them all the success life brings. But an education is priceless, regardless of the time and energy involved in making an athletic program ESPN worthy.

And second, if...(scratch that) when we start to pay football players I agree with CMR that we also have to pay other athletes in other sports. Softball players put in just as much time and energy for the G as anyone else on campus.