Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Benedict leaving...

WiFi here is sketchy at best. So while I'm connected (I think) I wanted to weigh in some on the next chapter in the off season book The Thin Red and Black OLine.

Brent Benedict and Coach Richt parted ways officially on Sunday. After sticking with Bruce through some dark days of knee rehab (and truthfully when not many were absolutely certain that he would play again), Richt was cast aside over what seems to be a difference in conditioning opinion. I agree with ecdawg, this was another case of a player not seeing eye to eye with the S&C program.

And today Socrates backed up ecdawg's words of Benedict visiting Gainesville before he was released. If this is true I've gone from being worried about him leaving at a time when depth is so thin to saying good riddance. I understand feelings and situations change, but Richt and his staff deserve and have earned the courtesy of being treated with respect. Alleged meetings with rival coaches is as close to the opposite as it gets.

Also in a related post, Weiszer looks at the state of the offensive line here.


Bulldog5711 said...

I think this is Brent, not Bruce.

Bernie said...

Old Braves catcher, SEC hoops ref...not so much. Thanks.