Friday, July 22, 2011

Aaron Murray's tape measure, part II

Evidently (and not surprisingly) this is gonna become a series. Aaron Murray's value is already through the roof, but it continues to climb.

Murray is one of the leaders of the offseason program. Even if that means he needs to go work with a teammate away from the football facility.
He was part of a group of players that sought out top tailback recruit Isaiah Crowell, working on offensive drills outside his dorm room in an effort to help him better learn the playbook.
“We’ve sat him down,” Murray said. “One of the first weeks here, me Ben (Jones), Christian (Robinson) and a couple of other guys went to his dorm, talked to him, ran him through some plays and said `Hey, we’re here for you no matter what. We’re going to push you and at the end we’re going to make sure you’re ready to go.’ He’s definitely taken that well and has been working hard.”
That's the last of a few important quotes from Murray. His leadership can't be confined to a C stitched into a jersey.

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