Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boo! Sky is FALLING!!

Just like that (corrected link), Boo Malcome ascends the depth chart at running back for the Georgia Bulldogs. This is the same guy who had a good GDay game then ended up at the bottom on the post-Spring depth chart. But Ealey and King are gone, Crowell is learning and Thomas is in the Dawg House.

The rising junior from Frostproof, Fla., violated team rules back in the spring, three persons familiar with the situation confirmed to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. As per Georgia Athletic Association student-athlete policy, Thomas has to sit out 10 percent of scheduled games this season.
The Bulldogs play 12 games this season, including the season opener against Top-10-ranked Boise State in the Georgia Dome. Most recently that has resulted in one-game suspensions, though Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity declined to specify.
“If we have any announcements regarding suspensions, they’ll be made at the appropriate time,” said McGarity, declining further comment.
I've lost count, but I think that should put us at around 75 scholarship players in the Dome...plus whichever walkons earn the honor in the next month. The good news is we didn't need half that many players to kick the crap out of the Broncos six years ago. The bad news is that today's bronco is a different breed.

I mean just last week Thomas told Weiszer...
“(My) mindset hasn’t changed,” said Thomas, a redshirt junior. “Since day one it’s been to win and to do what I can do for the team. Because a couple of my teammates have left, it’s just a bigger role for me stepping into a leadership position and pushing the position, so when it’s time to play Boise State everyone’s going to be on board and get the job done and get that win.”
Ok. Well I guess that excludes whatever day it was back in April where he stuck his head up his ass. The bigger picture: now many are gonna say "See, CMR knows what he's doing with Samuel. We definitely need him at RB now. So quit your bitching Bernie and let him do his job." You're right, we do need Samuel at RB. But you can't really argue the fact that we've mismanaged a few players over the years.

Kiante Tripp may have never established himself as a DE and Samuel may eventually work out at running back. But at this point it feels a lot more like a street side vendor's shell game than actual player development.

I like the three RBs we have for the first game, don't get me wrong. Malcome evidently didn't have a very crisp Spring, but looked good in the actual game. Crowell is going to be fine as far as developing into a complete SEC back. It's just a matter of how long that takes. Samuel ironically is the one that we are the most familiar with. We know what we're getting, he's just much bigger now and we hope that his hands are more "confident" and his feet are more "RB like".


AthensHomerDawg said...

Did I read in one of your earlier posts that Crowell was struggling a little adapting to UGa from HS???

Ollllddude said...

I have my dawg glasses on, I know, but exactly why is this BS team so different from the last time we played them? They have won a lot of games, but they had, then, too. They beat VT in this same type of game last year, but then didn't VT turn around and lose to a community college the next week?
To me, the only thing really different between then and now is US. We are bigger, we are faster, we are stronger, but are we ready? That's really the only issue.

Bernie said...

@AthensHomer Yeh, but I don't it's anything more than most uber talented kids go through. He was a living legend on a HS campus one week, the next Coach T is calling him a pansy. Should all work out fine.

@Ollllddude I see your point and I agree with your assessment on our side. On their side I think their going to be a lot tougher out this time. Chris Peterson is a much better coach than Hawkins and Kellen Moore is a much better QB than Zabransky. Sure wish he'd gone pro.

William said...

There is just something exciting about the thought of two of our biggest backs pounding it down the field on boise that puts a smile on my face

JenniferfromLaJolla said...

I agree with you 100 percent. The coaching staff is reacting to situations rather than deliberately designing them.

I would like to what Dave Van Halanger is doing as the Director of Player Welfare. I know he alone can't keep players from flunking out, or from doing stupid stuff, but... what is he doing?

AthensHomerDawg said...

I hope he has it in his viewfinder:

Bottom 10 Football Grad Rates: Division I-A
San Jose State 32%
Florida Atlantic 33%
Arizona 39%
Texas 40%
Georgia 41%
Central Florida 42%
New Mexico 43%
Cal 44%
Alabama 44%
Minnesota 44%
UTEP 44%

BuLLdawg said...

I predict that we fumble the football this year more than we ever have, ever.

That is saying something.