Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bump...set...spike! Samuel

Y'all surely know as well as I do that the Dawgosphere is vast. One of my favorite ever posts on a Dawg blog is Streit's account of his and Earl's trip to see Richard Samuel in action as a high school senior. If you want to figure out what a pygmy goat has to do with Samuel and Cass HS, click here and take an extra napkin for the awesome sauce.

Now though, I'm convinced the infamous pygmy goat is cursed. Once again we have a player that has been asked again to change positions. Samuel has spent the last year and a half training for a position he should've been at since he arrived on campus. Samuel is fast, really fast. But he's not a tail back. At least by SEC standards. And he's definitely not a tailback now that he's spent a redshirt season readying himself to contribute on the other side of the ball.

We only have three scholarship tailbacks left, and a walkon that may have out played two of them back in the Spring. When it became official that King would not be eligible this Fall I figured if worse came to worse, Samuel would be called upon to fill in at tailback.

But why ask him to switch now? Hold onto your breakfast folks because the first possibility may be one that doesn't sit well: 

  • Crowell is having trouble adjusting to Athens. There've been murmurs of some difficulty coming down from being the HS super stud to the bottom of the missing man's depth chart.
  • The next thing that comes to mind is the curious post-Spring depth chart (that Richt really doesn't like to call a depth chart) where Malcome was buried despite having a decent GDay game.
  • Coach Olivadotti despises goat and this didn't come out in the initial interview.
  • Carlton Thomas hasn't gained 2 feet and 45 pounds under Coach T's program as expected...(chirp, chirp...)
Whatever. I'm outside the arena y'all, just hoping whatever Samuel chooses is what is best for him. He's too special an athlete to be wasted like a volleyball between Coach Bobo and Coach Grantham.


AthensHomerDawg said...

Leave him on Defense. We had a Defense back that Donnan kept trying to make a WR out of. He finally left him on D. Did sneak a pass to him in the Hawaii Bowl game on a fake punt. He plays D back in the pros.

Anonymous said...

No one says he can't play both ways. Having him ready to go on offense, if we need him, is not a bad plan. I say let him freshen-up on the offense plays part of the time in August, just in-case we lose Boo or Crowell to injury/suckage.

Anonymous said...

No one in the SEC could stop Tebow at about the same size as Samuel. I, for one, would feel better if we had a back-up plan in case someone got hurt or couldn't learn their blocking assignments right away.

What do you think that the Richt haters will say if UGA doesn't have a back-up plan at Tailback?

And, who is the best and quickest position learn other than Samuel?