Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chizik, a bigger johnson...??

Capstone Report goes exactly where 99.997% of the college football fandom is heading with this post paralleling the engiNerd castration to what might be on the horizon in Opelika.

Yellowjackets coach Paul Johnson said that he believed Thomas and Burnett were eligible to play in the last three games of the 2009 season when the NCAA told Georgia Tech A.D. Dan Radakovich they had been cleared.
Does any of this sound familiar?
But as Schad pointed out, the most alarming element for fans of a program widely thought to be in the crosshairs of the NCAA is this:
All of this was happening to Georgia Tech with zero indication in the local media.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had no idea that the Yellowjackets, mere walking distance from the paper’s sports department, got an NCAA notice of inquiry on September 13, 2010, a notice of allegations December 11, 2010 and stood before the freaking committee on infractions on April 15, 2011.
I don't know what the future holds for Auburn football. But I'm a huge college football fan and I also like to believe there's justice in the world. $312 is monkey change in eastern Alabama. If Julie Roe Lach slapped the crap out of NATS...

What does the Georgia Tech story tell us? It’s simple.
If you’re an Auburn fan and really believe what your team did last year was above board, you’re like an ignorant beachgoer relaxing in an innertube in the ocean’s warm waters…all while the sharks are circling and sizing you up down below.
But the scariest element is that while Georgia Tech’s shark was probably an ill-tempored sandshark, with only a small infraction leading to their punishment, Auburn’s may be a great white, with half a dozen “alledged” investigations going on into Auburn improprieties in the last several years.
And to make things even more interesting, it was Chizik reaching down into the waters to strike the shark on the head by irritating NCAA vice president for enforcement Julie Roe Lach at the SEC meetings in Destin last month.
...just imagine what she would do to Chizzy.


ScoutDawg said...

Wow, the comments on that link are great. They made my whole day.

Anonymous said...

Bet Julie made his johnson a little smaller, eh?


Cojones,with the happy johnson.

P.S.-Did you know that we had a player in the 60s named Happy Johnson? What,Dear? Oh! I'm sorry, it was Happy Dicks. I keep getting confused because I used to believe that they were referring to the entire team.

AthensHomerDawg said...

You might be referring to Happy Dix LB? Was a neurologist on Prince next to ARMC. Looked after the players concussions.

Bernie said...

Come on guys, you can't mention Happy Dicks without Grizzard.