Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Conditioning...outside the hedges

I mentioned the other day that a little dissension is okay and understandable. But are we truly ready for what's ahead? As a group and as individuals?

I reflected on those questions personally yesterday. Actually I guess I've been reflecting on them since the 2010 season came to its miserable close. I began to consider what has worked, but more specifically what has not.

For instance, I tend to do season previews in August. It's mostly a way to fill space leading up to the frenzied first kickoff of the season. But really what do I know? Do I wanna invest in the hype of the off season workouts that were better than last year's which were supposedly smothered in awesome sauce themselves? Then, do I wanna take that investment and suppose which games are gonna be losses and which ones are wins?

I guess the truth is I actually would like to prognosticate some, but the fact is that it hasn't worked. Instead I think I'm going to focus on setting my mind right. If you stuck with me a couple weeks ago you suffered through some bitter memories with me surrounding the Ga/Fla game. And I'm leading up to a big post when we have about 50 days left, so you've been warned...

But my ponderings got me wondering: what are we doing to prepare ourselves for the season? While the team trains and studies is there something we can do beyond twiddling our thumbs? Is there a conditioning program for unsatiated fans suffering through their second consecutive off season of discontent?

I think there should be, and here's where I'm focused: what makes this season better for you? Is it a number, as in 10 wins? Is it a specific bowl or a certain goal like the SEC Championship game? Or maybe it's something a little more abstract like better fundamentals, better tackling, more disciplined play...? Ugh. That list could go on and on. But you get the idea.

Also, going back to the dissension in nation we should look at what happens when things go really well...or really poorly in September. Will you spend time and energy on I told you so's? If you've been chunking rocks at the Coach Richt bandwagon and we manage to beat Boise State and South Cracky will you continue your assault or reserve judgment until December? Conversely, if you're the most ardent of CMR supporters and we head into the game with Coastal Carolina still looking for the first win...or drive out of Jacksonville with yet another loss, at what point are you unsettled enough to say it's time to part ways?

The college football season is closer to a marathon than a sprint, filled with deep valleys and sharp peaks. We better get ready. Cuz whatever we've been doing hasn't been enough.


Anonymous said...

Expectations are folly.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I'm looking for good fundamentals combined with execution on the scheme especially on defense and for what appears to the untrained eye aggressive play calling on offense. I assume those will translate into wins as a result. The results probably need to be 2 out of the following 3:

1) At least 9 wins in the regular season
2) SEC championship game appearance
3) Beat Florida

If we win 9 including either one of the other two and run Richt out of town, we'll look like a unrealistic fan base to those on the outside (and rightly so by the way). The only realistic scenario where we play in Atlanta and beat the Gators would mean we beat all 5 East opponents and lose to BSU, the NATS, and 2 of 3 West opponents (OM, MSU, AU). I just don't see that happening.

Cojones said...

Bernie, The Cadillac ad covers several sentences and is offensive in that you go in a circle trying to remove it. Can't read all your thought because it's covered. This is the 3rd time . When I see the ad covering any type, I will not participate in the future. Sorry.

AthensHomerDawg said...

@ Cojones... always enjoy your posts. Bernies on vacay and trying to post with less than exceptional wifi. nuff said.
As to our season:
“We cant be consumed by our petty differences anymore… we will be united in our common interests…"

Dr. Merkwurdigliebe said...

I would love to see our OL really gel and physically dominate up front. That would open the running attack and take pressure off our WR's. I'm also looking forward to Bobo calling games where everyone up in the stands is saying, "Here comes this play, or that play." In other words stop the predictability!

I'm also very excited to see this new defensive front!

Tony Waller said...

Well, we could all date strippers. That would prepare us for the steel cage match of emotions that are pouring out of this off-season. One day I am as high as a kite over the possibility of someone trying to cover one of our TEs in space or an opposing QB standing in the pocket one second too long while one of our front seven comes free. The other, I fear Murray not having an extra second to find his checkdowns or seeing us call a timeout because we only have ten on the field on 4th and goal from the three late in a close game.

Bernie said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Patience may be a virtue but waiting on football season bites a$$.

@Cojones, I might be able to fix it. However maybe you could give me some more info. I don't see a Cadillac ad, so it probably cycles differently based on certain ad variables. Is it the one on the side, left margin? Or is the top banner? Are you using a mobile device? You can answer in the comments or email me (Berniedawg AT g mail DOT com)

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks at wins/losses, what rival we beat, are we a BCS champion, etc. Also, we hear fundamental football, O-line Play, fill in the blank.
What I look for is can we win as a team and lose as a team. Players have mentioned cancers being gone from last year's team and I hope that it is true. Having said that, the difference between previous year's workouts and this year's is it is different and very difficult. There is a reason that the Junction Boys are revered, why the military has boot camp, why you long 2 a days in the summer heat, and why you must have a challenging, in your face workout. The bonds of brotherhood are created in the hottest fires. This is where you will see who you can count on in the 4th quarter and who is going to give up. THE REAL question is does this team (or can they) hold each other accountable for quitting during off season workouts. If I hear such things coming from Athens in August, it will be a very good year and demonstrate Richt is not done yet; if not, it could get intriguing very quickly.

Anonymous said...

I just don't want Georgia to get blown out. I also want Georgia to beat a team that has more talent than they do.

Blake said...

Normally I would abstain from the "this is how we did it" explanation but I will make an exception for this post. I'm going to go Billy Henderson on you today. He didn't have the "best athletes" every year. He was a very successful coach because he expected 3 things from all his players. Discipline, conditioning and fundamental soundness. These core beliefs were instilled from day one and he never waivered; for anyone. This enabled his teams to consistently win football games in the fourth quarter when his oppontents were mentally and physically exhausted. Last year Georgia was the exhausted opponent almost every weekend. Amazingly, we won 6 games.It is simple for me, shut down the other team in the 4th quarter and win a ball game by having more heart, being fundamentally sound and by being in better condition. Otherwise, we know the sharks are circling and I don't look forward to going through that process.

William Neilson Jr. said...

Every off-season the last few years has seen players that are returning claim that the previous seniors were not hard-workers or lazy or some other negative adjective.

The fact that we hear it so much should tell us something about a fundamental, program problem.