Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Couple more thoughts on Dawg Night

It continues to sink in just how impressive Friday night was. Again, as well as Richt has done recruiting over the years we are seeing a different and much better result for the effort being put in these last several months.

I clicked on this overview of new UGA commitment Brice Ramsey by Carvell and all I could think is: is this another Dawg Night NCAA violation? Luckily I quickly read the picture's byline and realized it was just an innocent photo that won't soon find trouble. (The difference is this one was taken by someone in the Ramsey family. Coaches can pose for those mobile phones.)

Once the crisis was averted (in my mind), I enjoyed learning a little bit more about Ramsey. But to see him in action with the other Dawg Night attendees I went back and watched this Dawg Post video of Fletcher and Legge's coverage/analysis. From Henry's size...to Williams' speed...Brice's arm...and Theus' recruiting, they have it covered.

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