Friday, July 15, 2011

Couple quick notes

Finishing up a bigger post. Some headlines broke yesterday that we can address while I'm dotting t's and crossing i's.

  • ESPN's actions yesterday in suspending Bruce Feldman (a giant in his field) for his (granted and approved) participation in Mike Leach's book is deplorable. Reminds me of this coach the other day that stood up and called out the NCAAs VP for enforcement for timely investigating. Why got to such great lengths to prove so publicly that you're a dumbass?
  • Tech. Holy crap. Why would NATS go to such great length to prove AJC writers can write negative things about their football program? Especially after the AJC had been so accommodating while the investigation was ongoing. And I'm sorry, there's no way Paul "Bigger Fish" Johnson is gonna let this go without someone's ass on a platter.
  • And Samuel is a running back again. So we now have Crowell to run the ball, Samuel to block, Malcome to back them up and Thomas for 3rd and 8s.

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