Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dawg Nation Dissention

Was going to play golf the other day and had a nice outfit laid out before I went to take a shower. When I went to put them on the wife had decided that the shorts and shirt were to be worn for another occasion. (sidenote: I don't pack a lot of clothes on vacation, especially when we're going to have access to a washer/dryer). So instead I wore my white Georgia golf shirt of course.

At the course I hadn't even made it to the proshop to pay my dues before I had already received a hearty Go Dawgs!! This made me proud to my red and black core, but later the guy who had shouted at me engaged me in a quick conversation at the turn.

He was not in a very positive state of mind about things. That's certainly understandable. After all we did a lot more cowering in the Dawg house last season than stretching the chain, bearing our teeth. But the fan also likened our play to a Sunday School classroom more than a Saturday afternoon on a football field. "I go to church on Sundays. On Saturday I wanna see football!!"

I also understand that. To borrow from a line of Bull Durham, "How'd we ever win six?" We didn't play like we hated our opponents enough. We may have wanted to beat those seven teams but we sure didn't look like we wanted to body slam them to the turf then press our cleats into their throats.

But in speaking to this gentleman (albeit ever so briefly) I also felt like he was taking a jab at Coach Richt that was more than unfair. I expect opposing fans to make a big deal of Richt's Christianity. And clearly this guy has seen all he cares to see of one Mark Richt on Georgia's sideline. But I had to disagree with his overall assessment to some extent. The team lacking the will to completely destroy opponents has nothing to do with the head coach's religion. The problem last season was the coaches wanted to win more than the team, there was a lack of communication and a lack of true leadership.

Of course, as Kit expertly points out this is all just my point of view. My own opinion based on some facts and some supposition. And of course this golf course example involves only two members of the entire fan base. The main point I want to make is this feeling of disarray is only natural. I'm not asking anyone to embrace it. Just accept it as a natural by-product of a losing season and a program we hope is in transition.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, losing should make the heart hungry as hell. 63 days until we take the floor of the Dome. My fellow Dawg golfer predicts we'll lose but accepted my point that the schedule sets up pretty well for us. He thinks Richt is gone soon. I think he wins enough against this slate to earn a bucket of ice for his seat.

But it's early July. What the hell does anyone really know?


Anonymous said...

Bernie, your encounter is exactly what I'm afraid is going to happen this season. We win just enough to throw some ice on the seat (10 including a bowl win with a loss to UF and no SEC title game appearance). The Bulldog Nation splits into two or more factions over the state of the program. My only hope for this year is that the decision is clear one way or the other. I want Richt to coach here another 15 years, but he must turn it around now.

Cojones said...

First. congratulations for being the first to put those feelings into an understandable context. I've tried and never could. You are very succinct and I agree fully.

What does "turn it around" specifically mean to each of us? It runs the negative and positive scale to overlaparotomy. It gives us various numbers we can justify to ourselves about Richt , but it leaves us with a tight feeling in the gut.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Finished checking into the Embassy Suites today for the race tomorrow. I will be wearing a Y race number....later start this year. I've lost a step so this is in addition to being "promoted" ;-( to permanent QB at the annual Family GA/ga-Tech Thanksgiving Football tournament. I will also be wearing my white cap during the race. The one with the black G circled in red. Underneath the G is
When the bellboy was done unloading the luggage he commented on my cap.
"I guess you guys will be waiting a while before you get another one of those." He made this remark with a slight grin.
I quietly handed him his tip and said.... " I guess you Tech grads get a little giddy at the prospect of the Dawgs having a down year. Thanks!"
and closed the door.
It's great to be a Georgia Bulldog!