Saturday, July 16, 2011

DawgNight continues the daydream

What a special night. I'm not too surprised many Dawg fans haven't heard of this event yet. It's relatively new and not many follow recruiting so closely. But beyond the highlights of gaining some premium commitments from some big time recruits, there's reason to believe DawgNight has already made it as an elite event.

A couple thoughts:

I think ecdawg is right, momentum was the night's biggest attendee. The Dawg Nation needed some good news as well as some verification that recruiting wasn't dead after this past February. The summer is usually a big time for Richt and his recruiting staff. This summer we've watched a lot of big recruits cross state lines with their commitments. That changed last night.

I can't give any better rundown on the commitments themselves than Socrates and Legge. DawgPost has some great pictures up as well, btw. But I can assure you that there is reason to get excited, even though they are simply commitments. John Theus was expected to pledge to Richt and he is a huge need on the offensive line. That alone makes the night a headline grabber.

But Richt was just getting started. And I think that's the biggest story. Five recruits over three states and three different classes. The stock of the Georgia football program might be pretty stagnant after the last couple seasons, but the coaches are still out gaining investments at a premium. National Signing day wasn't a was just beginning.

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Anonymous said...

Posting about Socrates and Legge shows good sportsmanship on your part by not trying to usurp their glory. Good Dawg! Ain't bloggin' getting better every day when you're a Dawg?