Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hope, born from Coach T's Dungeon

While I'm not buying into the off season talk of the new strength and conditioning program, I will say the tone is different than the previous few. While some take that as reason to gulp some kool-aid, I would argue that it is mostly to be expected.

But...Fletcher Page sheds some light on Coach T's workouts and their by-products through this interview with Arthur Lynch. While the TE from Massachusetts was facing a redshirt season, Coach Tereshinski approached him and asked if he'd like to kick it up a notch. Lynch agreed and soon found himself with an additional 35 pounds of lean muscle.
So on top of his regular practice and workout schedule Lynch started meeting with Coach T every Friday morning and Sunday afternoon in the old Stegeman Coliseum weight room—a place aptly titled “The Dungeon.”
The nickname is fitting considering the kind of work Coach T cranked up.
“It was a lot of squats,” Lynch recalls. “Cling, squat and press was another one. Really it was just a lot of lifts that were really intense. It’s just intensity, high demand and the demand for your best. He pushed me. He pushed my body to do things it’s never done, and I definitely owe him a lot for that.”
The results were quick to follow. Over the course of the season, Lynch grew to 270 pounds—a lean looking 270 pounds too.
“Oh yeah, by far, you could tell when he was just walking around the campus,” said junior tight end Orson Charles.
“We all noticed it,” linebacker Christian Robinson said. “I know towards the end of the season we’re not able to go every single day and workout. He just seemed to keep getting stronger. He’s hitting you and you’re going back and he was down there (on scout team), but it felt like he should have been on the first string. He’d gotten bigger, stronger, and he was loving it.”
I guess Coach Richt was paying attention while Lynch ran around on the scout team last fall. If you're like me and are feeling more than a little vulnerable with a thin offensive line, you have to feel at least some better with Lynch lining up over one opposing DE and Bruce Figgins in the backfield. Add White at the other end of the line and Charles flexed out and suddenly Bobo has a wealth of options...not to mention Aaron Murray.

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Additional reading on Lynch - Massachusetts accent, Bulldog heart

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Dawgfan17 said...

Trying to hold in the optimism about how much of a difference the S&C change will make but stuff like this makes it hard not to love the change. BTW crazy as it may seem if there were a significant injury at OT I wonder if Lynch could provide some depth there. Some great OT's started out as TE's, another 15-20 lbs and he would have the size. As a TE he would more than enough foot speed and there are plenty of te's so it wouldn't hurt us there.