Friday, July 8, 2011

King/Ealey Connector officially closed

In late November of 2009 two young Georgia tailbacks ran roughshod over a bunch of engiNerds. A year and a half later they're both gone. First Ealey was shown the door and he eventually decided to walk through it. Now Caleb is reportedly ineligible has officially been declared ineligible for the Fall season.

Many will point to the rumors that began in May and say they were right all along. Personally, I continued to point to what I believed would be a great senior season for him. I still say there is a stark difference between Ealey and King. I wanted King on the team this Fall. As Groo points out, our depth is teetering a very thin line and now even more pressure is on a true freshman to take the reins immediately.

In the end however Caleb King dug a deep hole. I believe he wanted desperately to get out of it. He could've left earlier and joined a D2 school to save his eligibility, but chose to stay and fight. I wish him well and hope he gets things back on track. 

Looking forward, the King/Ealey Connector is forever closed, practically a one game highlight reel. Now the team must choose a detour and hope the road is long, sustainable...and better paved.


AthensHomerDawg said...

Caleb King is a bust, Ealy is overrated, both are gone. The RB coach will be earning his raise- hopefully for more than recruiting Crowell. Kirby Smart was our RB coach once..(how did that not work out?), then Tony Ball and then McClendon a former Dawg wide receiver. OK …. We have had a former DB coaching running backs and now a former wide receiver. Moreno was very good, Brown was ok, Ware was ok, Lumpkin got hurt(sucks cause he was the #2 RB in the nation in high school)....but UGA has not had the string of great RB is a while like they used to have. Caleb a five star recruit came in with leg problems as well and hasn't nearly lived up to his billing. Wasn’t Jasper a five star? Ealey burst onto the scene hard as a true freshman and then crapped out last year. We desperately need a home run back and Crowell may be it. I’m all for a good look a Malcolme. Can he stay healthy and can he pass block? Can we get Malcolme and Crowell on the field at the same time?

Ollllddude said...

This may turn out good for.... Bruce Figgins. IC is a great prospect, but he's a freshman; start him, play him, but give Bruce some carries, too. It'll all work out.

zenarcher said...

I am simply going to drink a long and tall #BulldogPunch and wait for 09.03.11.This off-season has been better than last year IMO, so let's take a deep breathe...relax and tip a cold one to the #Dawgs For better,or worse...I will be true to the #RedandBlack of course!