Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Another word on Nike's uniforms

Late each day I usually check my little blog's stats. I specifically like to see what/if any hits came from Twitter and Facebook. Google+ too, but that's still developing. Yesterday I posted something on the Nike uniforms with the headline "Nike Unis". In hindsight that was a little misleading. I probably should've titled it so that it didn't give the slightest implication of having a picture of them. The Dawg Nation is jonesin' for a sneak peek. Want proof? Glad you asked.

My post on Aron White's achievement got about one-tenth the hits from Twitter as the uniform post. One-tenth! And it also about doubled my last post to hit an all-time Twitterfeed high.

Nope, not this time.
Anyway, my point is really two-fold. To be fair I'll lead with Richt. He's helped create this frenzy over any variance in the normal uniform. It worked one and a half times (Hawaii to be fair, is barely worth a half). The other times have been disastrous. So now if there's even the faintest rumor that a costume change is coming we all get worked up to the point of hypertension.

Slow down Dawgs. This is a lot less about Richt catering to seniors wanting strike a pose in all black than it is about catering to the program's cash cow, Nike. They write the checks and now it's time for the Dawgs to climb onto a national stage and pay the shoe man. And while I understand why we all get bent out of shape, we also need to realize that the players are pretty geek'd up about it. It's pretty special for them and that's what it's all about.

And it could always be worse Reader. We could be cheering for a team in cream sickle orange that's still in the shadow of a great phat pumpkin. Besides, if what I'm hearing is correct (and I think it is) we're going to be pretty happy with the way they look. We'll win the warmups based on looks alone. It's up to what happens on Woodruff Field in the next few weeks that'll determine whether we win the actual game.

And that won't have anything to do with what color the jersey is.

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Stephen said...

Fact is, this IS THE WAY that ANY uniform change should be done.. Its planned ahead of time, BOTH teams are involved, its nothing other than agreeing to let NIKE do their thing, and most of all, (as coach said)..its nothing for the fans, it is FUN for the players.

Let them have a little fun, plan it ahead of time, and go with it, just as we have here