Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last night in Cobb

The short and sweet of it:

1. Richt is thankful:

[after a standing ovation] “That made me feel great,” Richt said at the final offseason Bulldogs’ speaking tour stop.
Some 35 minutes later when he was finished, he thanked the fans.
“This room could have been empty,” Richt said in his closing remarks. “Everybody could have been in the tank. …The Bulldog Nation has supported us….after a subpar year. I thank you for that.”
You're welcome Coach. Now...to be perfectly direct...get after that ass! 

2. Prayers for Kasyn. Kirk Olivadotti's 4 year old daughter has leukemia and they ask for our prayers.

3. Bowman and Turene aren't going to be in Athens next week unless they're cleared to be. I think we'll know Bowman's status before camp starts on 8/4. Turene's timetable is set by the NCAA Clearinghouse and is more ambiguous. Stay tuned.

4. “When guys get off the beaten path, you’ve got to part ways,” Richt said. A stricter curfew, cussing at fans who question his ability to coach, telling Ealey the door is aimed at his ass...who is this guy?

5. I'll believe Marlon Brown is ready for SEC play when I see it. But Coach Richt emphasized that #15 has gotten as much lip service as Malcolm Mitchell. If you're like me, at this point some competition at wideout sounds like a damn good thing.

39 days...

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