Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - Beer Fest..."Doh!"

Had a great time Saturday in Suwanee. For surviving 14 years with Mrs. Bernie I presented myself with a ticket to the Suwanee Beer Fest. If it hadn't been hot as hell I'm pretty sure it was a decent glimpse at what Heaven is like on a Saturday afternoon. Endless beer, good food and music. Ahh...Brian McGee....Duff Beer...

Not surprisingly a lot of Dawg fans in attendance. Nice to see Donna as usual and I also got a chance to meet Kevin from over at SicEmDawgs. He brought a Clempson fan with him and is neighbors with an Auburn fan, but from what I can tell we shouldn't hold that against him. Hell, I grew up with parents who sing Tiger Rag. It's not a beat I can dance to but I understand most of the words.

But I digress. Unfortunately, it wasn't over before we ran into what Kevin aptly described as the typical floriDuh fan: greasy, spiky hair...impressed with the volume of his voice...and never attended class there. What's worse is he's dating a nice looking UGA girl who allows this douche to fly a florida flag outside their home. I did a double take and then asked her to confirm that she shares a home with him. When she did just that we all told her she could do much better and then left them to sort out the details.

I'm sure she'll still be sitting beside him come October 29th. And I'm sure that one barner with the "Nat'l Champ" t-shirt will still be putting ice cubes in his beer. O.M.G! y'all. Proof that the world's imperfect. Which is what I tried to communicate to Mrs. Bernie after she picked me up Saturday afternoon. But evidently after a "few" beers it came out more like..."she ghys wgheds dydvqs doucshhhbag..."

Today's Ingredients
  • What was the best beer I had? Hard call. The Weyerbacher Hop Infusion was a new one for me and it was very good.
  • Don't know about you, but I've really enjoyed ecdawg's guest poster Zodiac and the Starter Analysis. Yesterday it was more on the offense. Good stuff.
  • Fletcher wraps up Georgia's Media Days ($$) with Milani Beaudrault with lots of insight into the team, especially on offense. 
  • And I like the way Matt Stinchcomb differentiates between the first and second games of the season for Dijana.
  • Bottoms up, Senator!
  • Big Muddy found some skeleton 7 pics on the twitterwebs.
  • It's the off season and Dawgfan17 can't help but dichotomize UGA fans after reading some message boreds.
  • Readers of Phil Steele have the UGA-chicken game pretty close, but think Garcia ponykegs us in the end.
  • No one knows what kind of record this season will bring. But Kimberley's take on leadership this season is a safe investment if you ask me.
  • Over at Holy Turf, Dayne discusses how the Boise State game has helped pump some energy into the coaches and the players.
  • All Nick is give peace a chance.
  • Smart Football uses the 2000 Outback Bowl as a way to illustrate why going for a 2-point conversion in the 2st half is almost always a bad idea.
  • John Swafford is sick of UNC and Tech's sh*t.
  • Tennessee senior LB Austin Johnson was involved in "a situation" early Sunday. They are "looking into it".
Saturday's events remind me of a drunken summation my mom would recite every once in a while. The end goes like this: Besides, I've got all day Sober to Sunday up in. I'll impart the rest in a Beer of the Week post later on. And speaking of BotW, if anyone would like to guest post for it send me an email. I'd love to hear what some of the Brewsual Suspects are drinking. And it pays in one PBR tall boy at our tailgate this Fall.

Where else are you gonna get an offer like that?

But back to Mom, God bless her. She and Pops took the kids for a week. You go from refereeing a fight over a Barbie that has no head to watching Louie's sexual education episode without worrying if the kids are around the corner expanding their "non-scholarly" vocabulary. It's like I'm 27 again and only have to share the house with one female. Granted it's the one female that has the power to construct a honey-do-it! list, but at least I can give the ref whistle a rest for a good stretch of days.

I'm sure by Friday the serenity will be overwhelming...and Barbie will be ready for another headless tug o war. Here's your fork Reader. Grab some meaty goodness before those NFL players get back in line.



Kevin said...

It was great meeting you and hanging out over a few (30) beers. I'm still burping IPA!

Silver Dawg said...

Bernie, I've been on vacation and have been catching up on your columns. The Grizzard headline (Dogs to Play Cocks with Dicks Out)---was that actually published in the ABH?? I've heard the lore before. If so, do you know the date of publication and if copies can be had?

Info much appreciated.

Frank Davis

Bernie said...

@Kevin There are worse ways to go through life. Glad you stumbled home safely.

@Silver It's just before my time, but it's also my understanding that it was indeed published. In fact if you can go back to my post on it a couple weeks ago there's a link to the old UGA blog Catfish and Cornbread. 'fish was the one who wrote that story, he's a friend of Grizzard's from back in the day. The date of publication was in Sept of 67 I believe. Have no idea if there are copies for sale. Maybe at a garage sale in or around Athens. It'd be a priceless heirloom. Let me know if you find any extras.