Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - Hindsight may be perfect...

...but foresight is invaluable.

As I watched the final round of the British Open yesterday I was reminded of course that so much can hinge on one shot. A bad putt on Thursday can hurt just as much as an errant drive on Sunday. Winners are the ones who continually set themselves up for success. (Congrats to Northern Ireland, again!)

Nice par putt Phil.
Case in point comes from Frank. You remember him right? Well, what I may have failed to mention in that earlier post is that Frank knows his way around a golf course. And after a few decades the game paid him back recently with not one, but two holes in one within about a week of each other. Quite a feat that proved he wasn't just getting lucky.

Speaking of which, as luck would have it Frank also was in a pool at his club where each member pays him $10 for each ace. Suddenly he was looking at a nice little windfall. But it came up about $20 short because one member insisted that he should not be listed among the active pool names. He was tired of paying people for their aces.

So, he was taken off the list. His penance...he promptly made not one, not two...but three holes in one within a month. He got a lot more high fives than he did handshakes with Alexander Hamilton. So the moral of the story: golf's a hard enough game without pressing you luck.

That Dawg'll bite yooouuu!
Today's Ingredients
  • The afterglow of Dawg Night has been intense. Socrates thinks Chester Brown of Bradwell Institute might be the next commit. Also, Legge has the details of his visit to Athens.
  • Reuben Foster doesn't seem as close to a decision, but has UGA high on his list.
  • Mr. Sanchez summarizes Friday night's events and includes a pic of Stanley Williams' shoes.
  • Kyle has found a reason to feel optimistic about the S&C program and our secondary.
  • We've known Steele likes UGA to have a big turnaround this season. Now he explains why.
  • Jack ranks the position groups and Dawgola looks back at the 1948 football team.
  • ecdawg points to some distress down in gayturdsville.
  • I wonder if Robert Baker cringed just a little when he read this post by the Senator.
  • cocknfire wonders if MSUs Relf has even better days ahead.
  • Da Mighty Fred penalized me the other day for referencing Jennifer Aniston but failing to include a link. Sorry Fred. Here ya go.
  • Got an anniversary with Mrs. Bernie tomorrow. So if anyone has any Dairy Queen coupons just lying around, hook a blogger up!
  • Heard of many that caught his concert this weekend. Whether you did or you didn't you can catch a free download of Corey Smith's single "Drug" here.
  • Lastly, Jennifer reminds me that I'm really old with this post about MTVs birthday. And I'm proud to say I got one of her trivia questions right. I guess I still have a little thing for Martha Quinn.
How can you feel good about Dawg Night Bernie and still not make amends with Coach Richt? I'm glad (some of) you asked (in so many words). It comes down to sifting through for factual evidence and determining the value of said evidence.

Nice 5 stars ya got there Rachel
I'll admit that Richt has stepped up his game tremendously when it comes to recruiting, there's factual evidence to support that. Not that he's never been good at getting teenagers to like him. We've enjoyed great success on the recruiting trails during his tenure in Athens. But what happened back in February and especially what happened Friday night were A+'s on a report card of mostly B's. Sure, the kids that shook his hand Friday could easily change their minds. Getting a couple of future 5 stars to say yes now is a long way from the prom, so to speak. But it definitely gives us more evidence there's vitality in this coaching staff. They're not just gonna watch the other studs in school snatch up the hot chicks and wait for whoever is left.

That being said, what happens in September is a lot different than what happens in July. Closing the 4th quarters in November are a lot more important than closing a recruiting event. And we did little on the field last season to bark at. Developing the talent and putting them in position to excel isn't just a passing grade, it's a diploma. And that's factual evidence with a lot more value.

50 days in folks, we'll have a lot of answers to these questions and we'll be focused on one big one: can we finally turn the GA/fla series around? In the mean time, 400 degrees for about 45 minutes and your lunch will be ready. Here's your fork, go have a Monday!



The wife said...

The guy with 3 aces shot them over 3 months-- not 1. And more importantly, if DQ is your idea of an anniversary dinner, tell Munson to move over& make room for you in his crate.

Da Mighty Fred said...

Bless you Bernie. All is forgiven

AthensHomerDawg said...

I have witnessed two holes in one in my life; both at the Officers Club course at Robins AFB . The first, an outing orchestrated by my future father in law and shared by by future bro in law, after our senior year in HS. He nailed it…… my bro in law did…. He was bound for Tech and I Dawgtown. Yeah , it was a rather -L o n g -day. Flash forward, my future bride ----- now we are engaged, she is accepted at Augusta Med School, I have hooked up with Lang Engineering and my bro in law on his way to Wisconsin for grad school for a masters in their EE program. Now My Father takes us all to the same club, same course to celebrate. My future bro in law hits another ACE. That just ain’t right!
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