Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NCAA...welcome to the 21st century

I'll admit that it's awfully convenient, but I'm not a big texter (that's now a word right?). However, anyone can see that this is the way teenagers communicate nowadays. Thumbs operate minute keypads with as much precision as legs peddled bicycles back in my day....Hi Mrs. Smith, is Johnny home?

Today it's all about quick information. From what Sally is wearing at the Cineplex on Friday night to what coach is in Chaz Elder's living room. So it makes sense that the NCAA begin to recognize texting as a viable form of communication.
The NCAA is considering a proposal that would again permit coaches to send text messages to recruits or their parents at permitted time periods.
“I think they’ve got to go in and re-look at some of the legislation,” Georgia football recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner said. “Now everybody has these unlimited data packages and that’s the way kids communicate. I think the NCAA has to recognize it. You’ve got to be able to change with whatever is going on in society.”
Georgia has reported at least 10 text message secondary violations in the last three years across all of its sports.
Football coach Mark Richt and assistant men’s basketball coach Kwanza Johnson were involved in violations this year for inadvertently sending electronic transmissions.
A proposal from the Division I Recruiting and Athletics Personnel Issues Cabinet would allow all forms of electronic correspondence, including email and texts, to be sent to recruits or their parents beginning when phone contact is allowed in that sport, according to the NCAA News. It must be sent directly to the prospect and be private between the sender and recipient.
The cabinet heard concerns that the current ban was “outdated and lagging behind prospects’ use of technology.”
No progress however on lifting the ban on butt-dialing.

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