Monday, July 11, 2011

Orson Charles, #7 in your program...#1 in your heart

Stop. Just stop what you're doing, whatever it is and go read this piece by Dean Legge on Orson Charles. If you're worried about the lack of depth at receiver, it'll make you feel better. If you're worried about lack of leadership on the team, it'll make you feel better. If you just need a nice story about a son and his relationship with his mom, it'll make you feel fantastic.

I (Legge) spotted Charles hanging out with Murray and the other three quarterbacks last summer. It was almost like Charles was supposed to be there – even though he wasn’t a quarterback and Murray had obviously organized the throwing opportunity for the signal callers only – nevertheless Charles was there.
“He’s an unbelievable worker. He’s pushing me, too,” Murray said. “Orson and I are very, very tight. You can tell because everyone always jokes, ‘Hey, you’re always looking for Orson.’ That’s because usually he’s open. He’s definitely a hard worker. He’s pushed me pretty much all spring and summer. He’s wanted to throw at night, and on weekends he’ll say, ‘Hey, let’s go do some stuff.’ He’s really been pushing me to work harder, too. The more we work together the more comfortable I get with him.”
“I can’t believe I am playing with Aaron in college,” Charles said with a smile last fall. “I just thank God I know someone at quarterback who I have been through the trenches with. Aaron just stands out. It shows. No one asked about him because it shows. I know where Aaron is going with the ball. We call it the scramble drill. That’s when the play breaks down, and I just go to him.”
Hard to believe there was actually a time when I thought there wasn't anything the kid that voluntarily took an ROTC course last Winter could do to surprise me more. I've already been proven wrong, many times over.

One thing's for sure. Charles' glass isn't going to be half full for long.

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Murph Dawg said...

I had the opportunity to meet Orson's mom in the Memphis airport last year prior to the Bowl Game and then spoke with him after the parade on Beale Street. While the game was an utter disappointment, speaking with Naseline and Orson was a pleasure. He was grounded, polite, and very respectful of his mom.

It is knowing that there are people like this who can lead out team that makes me feel better even when things have looked pretty rough.