Thursday, July 21, 2011

SEC Media Day One

What started as a calm morning had exploded into a whirlwind of news and speculation by days end. We went from Slive is retiring to Danny Sheridan is sleeping with Emmert within a few hours. Wow. Let's break some stuff down a bit.

Hey Emmert...clean your own damn house!
Slive's Communique
Looking back I guess this is something he had to do. When it was announced that he had something big to say to lead things off in Hoover speculation was rampant: realignment, retirement, a rap where he refers to Delaney as his bitch while continuously holding up five fingers. 

But in the end I don't have a problem with most of his suggestions proposed legislation. I thought it was kind of funny later when someone asked Spurrier about the multi-year schollies and he vehemently disagreed, and actually made some good points. Including the fact that most coaches work off of multi-year contracts. LOLZ!! His smirk as he realized the corner he'd backed into was priceless.

The real news will likely come in the weeks ahead. Such as when Jim Delaney steps on his B1G throne to address their media. Should be interesting to see if he stoops so low to agree with the SEC commish. Overall though it reminded me of what it must have been like to hear Thomas Jefferson et al speak about the Declaration of Independence. Nice of Slive to even don the appropriate wig.

Vacation's over boys. It's Shirts vs Moobs.
bEASTsly enemies
Muschamp was late to the podium but rattled on and on once he got there. I mostly read Twitter while listening to him speak and it looks like the FU fandom is quite smitten with his southern coaching charm and especially his energy. As for what we learned, not a whole lot except that Jeff Demps is in Italy right now running track and Will's never been to Italy. Oh! And that he's a "Florida guy"...his response when someone asked what it feels like for a Georgia boy to be Florida's coach. I just hope somehow, some way MusChomp sees Robert's response.

Spurrier also didn't reveal much except that he's trying to remind his guys that they not nearly as good as the rest of Chickumbia is making them out to be. I found it fitting when he explained the handcuffing incident where he had a cop handcuff him for questioning, a la Clowney style. Then he said something to the effect See it's alright to get cuffed cuz you're helping the police do their job. Okie dokie. All that was missing was a not so subtle reference to a HillBilly Brawl in Knutsville.

sCam's Bag Man
I think Year2 about covers every angle of the Sheridan bombing done on Finebaum's show yesterday. My first thought was the same as most peoples..Danny Sheridan...??...really? But sometimes that's just how these things go. Whoever the USAToday oddsmaker guy knows at the NCAA is hoping this very public nugget of info helps reel in a big fish.

Now we just wait. But surely Wartiglesmen are at least a little less brash and ignorant today. Well, nevermind that.

SEC Chiropracticing
And what would a conference in Hoover be without discussing....the Texas A&M Aggies. There continues to be dissent out west. And as long as there is rumblings there, it follows suit that the rumblings will be here as well. The lastest have the Aggies and the Sooners moving to the SEC should everyone not be all hunky dory with the Longhorn Network specifics. It's like déjà vu all over again.

There has actually been talk over the last couple weeks at least with this. And if realignment should eventually happen, I just hope we don't get a chiropractor from the yellow pages. One team from Kentucky is aplenty and I sure as hell don't want to travel to Kansas every other year.

That's about all I can fit into this post. Offer any additional comments below. Chizzy takes the stand podium later this morning. Wonder if he'll field a question from Julie Roe Lach.

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