Friday, July 22, 2011

SEC Media Day Two

I'm sure most of you have read and seen as much from yesterday as I have. So this'll be pretty short, but here are some thoughts.

Seat's hot, but feels pretty comfy
Richt and his band of merry men sure didn't sound anxious, on edge or cantankerous about a 6-7 season. Richt even threw the Muschamp Wednesday jab at UGA right back by saying he thinks the former Georgia defensive back has red and black "in his veins". From start to finish, Richt and his players sounded fresh and eager to begin.

What's more is they didn't skirt any issue and there was a noticeable lack of clichéish, general off season quote garbage. In other words, the exact opposite of 2009 when we faced a big out of conference game to start the season and had to listen to Cox and Owens spout on about team unity, better fundamentals.

The message seems to be - Yes, we had work to do and we're doing it. We're ready to play. Our opponents better be as well. Let's hope that tune doesn't change anytime soon.

First center to quarterback exchange was a fumble
Love the story about then freshman Ben Jones telling Aaron Murray's dad that the future Dawg QB's girlfriend was hot. To which Mr. Murray said, "Son, that's my daughter." Oops. How'd that turf taste Jones?

Malcolm Mitchell stock has no ceiling
I mentioned earlier I'm a lot less worried about our tailback position. The same is true for our receivers. I almost finished a post earlier this week about the receiving corps and who in the world would pick up the slack for AJ and Kris being gone. Then I listen to Kris himself on yesterday's Dawgcast and Aaron Murray talk about throwing to Mitchell in skeletons and I begin to wonder why I ever had a question.

If Mitchell is creating this much buzz before the coaches even hit the field with the team...well, damn. It may be that the hype back in February didn't fit the bill.

Dancing with Chizik
Chizik was uncomfortable. I don't think there was enough Right Guard in Hoover to combat his pit stains yesterday. I recall one interview where the first reporter asked something about one of his players and he uncomfortably stressed repeatedly how much he appreciated her asking the question.

That all being said, he didn't act as if the walls are caving in. And whether this all turns out to be what we expect or a witch hunt as the barners are claiming, somehow that could all be a backdrop to the 2011 season. Georgia doesn't have to play Arkansas, Bama or LSU...but Auburn can't avoid them.

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