Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 Statistical Leaders

No meatloaf today. Weekend was just too busy; I was Mr. Mom while Mrs. Bernie was away. Should she return today to our cozy household of marital bliss I'm sure regular weekday programming will return to its normal structure.

But the busy weekend didn't keep me from pondering some thoughts. As the team transitions from a camp mindset to game prep, I've begun wondering who the statistical leaders will be come season's end. I think it's been the continued typeprint given to Marlon Brown that has prompted this. Regardless, I thought I'd throw it out there for your consumption. 

Here are my thoughts right now, excluding some obvious choices like kicking and passing. We might do a poll next week. So tell me where you think I'm off.

Lightning. Bottle. TD.
Rushing - Crowell. He's been the guy for this category since early February.

Receiving - King. Not a lot written on him so far, but he edges out Brown, Wooten and Mitchell here I think.

Tackles - Robinson. Although I'm fine with anyone as long as they're in the front seven.

Sacks/TFLs - Tree. Narrow margin over Jarvis.

INTs/PBUs - Torn here between Commings and Smith. I think I'll go with Branden. 

Punt returns - Smith again. I think by the end of September they'll be aiming for the water coolers to try and avoid him getting the extra touch.

Kick returns - Boykin's the easy answer. But I think this one is up for debate in case we do send two guys back to return. Could this be Smith as well? Or Mitchell? Still, gotta stick with Boykin. Hands down.


Anonymous said...

I see you grouped them together, but I think someone like Abry Jones could lead in tackles for loss.

Also I like Shawn Williams for interceptions.

Anonymous said...

Geez, what has happened to Boo? Seems like he's just become more injury prone. I hesitate to put a freshman as the leading rusher.But guess we have too make an exception.