Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6-7 equals Adult Swim

It's been kind of expected, but yesterday Coach Richt made it official that he's likely keeping the kids on the outside of the pool.
In all likelihood, the team will not head to the pool at the Ramsey Center this fall camp.
“I doubt we go to Ramsey,” Richt said. “This might be the first time that we’ve gotten all 29 practice opportunities in. We haven’t gotten there yet, but we’re on track.”
Or maybe CMR has just skipped out on too many of Coach T's workouts:
This discussion brought forth a funny moment when the Banner-Herald’s Marc Weiszer jokingly asked Richt:
“Does it say something about your ability to do the high dive anymore?”
“It might have something to do with my physique,” Richt answered laughing.  
You ain't the only one Coach.


BulldogBry said...

I need to say this. I know you're not condemning the pool trip, bit I think it's stupid that Ramsey is the first place some fans go after our first loss of the season. As if it were the core of every problem.

Bernie said...

No, not condemning it. But supporting the decision not to go this year for sure. It was neat to see the team having fun. But fun is a word not associated with Georgia football right now. I think CMR realizes there is work to do and the message to the team is the same.

Dawg Day said...

I too always enjoyed hearing about the team's trip to the pool. It has been funny watching some of the players on twitter the last few days (Blair Walsh and Ben Jones) speculate on rumored "trips to Ramsey this afternoon"..... guess the guys bubble will burst this year.

Like you, Bernie, I agree this may not eb the year for it. I will NEVER associate it with ANY loss on the field. But the media and haters alike would have more of a heyday than ever before this year, and that is PR un-needed.