Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And I hear he wears boxers too

As I read Legge's assessment of AD McGarity's first year I was lapping it up in generous bites...until I hit this wall...
One has to wonder had McGarity been around if A.J. Green's situation would have been handled different a year ago. It almost certainly would have.
Ugh. But looking forward the message is clear: UGA Athletics is in good hands.  
I’ve never gotten the impression that McGraity didn’t know what he was doing. I never got the impression that Evans was doing anything.
Maybe I'm being too harsh - not according to the staff and coaches at Georgia.
"I've never seen our coaching staffs as a whole more excited," one insider said of the momentum McGarity has provided.
The upgrade at the AD spot will take some time to trickle through sports as it relates to results, but the upgrade at Georgia is coming so long as McGarity’s office is on the fourth floor of the Butts-Mehre. 
All that and he hasn't felt the urge to recruit in Buckhead.


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