Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beer of the Week: Southern Tier's Crème Brûlée

I figured it was about time for dessert...

If you're a fan of beer there is surely plenty in Southern Tier's arsenal that you like. Although I can't name one of theirs my favorite in a certain style, I also can't think of anything they've done that isn't really good. In terms of breweries they are similar to Dogfish in that they distribute well nationally and internationally and really enjoy the art of brew making. It's a creative process that they take seriously. And I dig that.

If you haven't had their Crème Brûlée...well, it's nothing like you've had before. If you don't like vanilla, stay away. But even if you do like the taste it may be a little much.

It pours as expected, dark, thick and very little head. The vanilla aroma is prominent and reminded me of my favorite porter, the Breckenridge Vanilla. But it's much stronger than that. The taste is prominent and doesn't ever relent. It's like drinking a dessert by the same name that has been doused in some liqueur.

I had this from a bomber and usually I can finish one in a sitting no problem. The Crème Brûlée however is like 9.6% and sweet as hell. So I had to take a break. I mean at times it was as thick as motor oil and the alcohol seemed to come through stronger with each sip. And unlike some other stouts, I don't think this one gets better the closer it gets to room temperature. I thought it was better cool. The warmer it got the easier it was to taste the alcohol and the more unbalanced it became.

Don't worry. I eventually finished it. And I'd truly like to have this one again. I just think it might be better shared with someone. They ain't lying when they label it an imperial. 

Until next week, stay thirsty dudes.


Ollllddude said...

Sorry, man, but good grief, what's next? Appletini beer? Cosmo beer? I guess I am just too old school.

Bernie said...

I hear ya. But if you haven't tried Southern Tier, don't give up on them. Their Phin & Matt's Extraordinary Ale is really good. And if you like IPAs, their 2XIPA is one of the best.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can se Frasier drinking this shit with his hoidy-toidy buddies.

Drinking a consierge beer in haute cuisine company is plain horseshit. The Belgians brew the best. Try to acquaint folks with their brews(there are plenty that no one has heard of) starting with the Trappist Monks. Three diff orders brew beer that is almost wine in alcohol content and taste. And they have been brewing it for many years. Lusty tasting dark beers that if you drink more than one, would plant your butt on the floor. A mug full is equivalent to 2/3 bottle of wine in alcohol. You can drink refreshing , but not quaff it down as it would affect your ability to walk.

Trappist Monk is tasty beer without the fru-fru crap drudged around as the grasshoppers of women's beer. Creme Brulee my ass. That ain't beer for guys, bernie. Please research these Trappist beers. They are teased slowly up to the highest alcohol content in beer with the greatest flavor. The monks have all the time in the world and their patience (and good taste buds as far as I'm concerned) have created beer(s) that is worth every penny just to try it. Haven't bought any outside of Belgium and Europe, but bet that they have exported here by now.

Da Mighty Fred said...

ok, easy anonymous.

a) Trappist stuff is good, but it's not the end all be all of beer. It's a style of beer. If you like it, fine. If you don't, fine. One of the awesome things about being a beer drinker in the States right now is the incredible variety of beers produced here
b) yes, you can get Trappist beer in the states. Some of it (can't remember the monastery) is not exported. I actually read an article with the head monk (abbot?) asking people not to drink his beer unles you got it from the monastery. He said organized crime was buying it up and selling it. Criminals with good taste in beer? interesting
c) maybe Creme brulee stout wouldn't have been my first choice, but Bernie effectively saved me 7 bucks. Not gonna try this one.

Bill Watkins said...

I couldn't agree with your reply (A) more Fred.  If all you drink is one style of beer, you are truly missing out.  Everytime I go to the store or to any beer bar whether it be Taco Mac or the mighty Porter, I always go out of my way to try a beer or beer style that I have not tried before- that is half the fun of being a fan of craft beer.  I am a big fan of Chimay's Blue Grand Reserve but also love IPAs of multiple varieties- Last night I had Port Brewing's Hide Tide and their Anniversairy Ale-- I LOVE HOPPY BEERS.  However, last week when I went to watch the Georgia-Vandy game at Taco Mac with my father we tried Oskar Blues G'Knight Imperial Red Ale--absolutely outstanding.  The point is there are too  many good beers and good beer styles out there to stick to one specific style of beer.  I am currently looking for Terrapin's Big  Vlady Russian Imperial  Stout.  Stay safe and drink  good beer. Go Dawgs!!