Friday, August 12, 2011

The Ben Jones barometer

Sounds like our center is not only the CEO of the offensive line, but also the measuring stick for whether or not our NTs are SEC ready.
“You’ve got to think about it, Kwame (Geathers) has been here for a while,” [Jenkins] said. “As he’s been on first team, I’m learning. This is a tough defense. It’s not like junior college. It’s a lot of things to be accountable for. They want to make sure I’m able to handle that pressure, and by Kwame being in front of me I’m learning. And it gives me an opportunity to go against Ben Jones and the first offensive line. Ben Jones is a heck of a player. Every time he gets me on a play or what not, I get angry and I want to fight back. But I also go to him and I ask him what I did wrong. He’s been in the SEC for a while. I’m learning from every experience. I’m learning from the guys.


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear Ben Jones honest assesment of John and Kwame.

Anonymous said...

Don't care. I just want to absorb that man's(Jenkins) genius for making rabid fan friends. In one shot he garnered 75% because 25% ain't on here.

Good Dawg! Sic'em.

Overheard in Boise: "Don't rightly know if he's that big of a man or not, but I understand that he's such a big Dawg that every time the D huddles up, they all snap their fingers at him and say "HEEL!!"