Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bobo Basics

"There's more than one way to skin a cat." Perhaps your grandmother imparted on you a similar quote. The message to Georgia's offensive coordinator might be something similar. Utilize what you have. Find ways to move the chains, score the points without risking the headaches of watching young players make costly mistakes.

I read this quote by Coach Richt...
“Was I anxious to see A.J. Green and see what he could do?” Georgia coach Mark Richt said. “Yeah. I’m anxious to see this guy also. At receiver you could have a missed assignment and not be nearly as devastating as a tailback missing an assignment when it comes to pass protection or something like that. Or even going the wrong way on a run. When a running back makes a mistake, it’s not good. When a receiver makes a mistake, you can probably just line up and play another down and not have to punt or turn the ball over.”
... and thought of Coach Bobo gameplanning for Boise State. Bobo has no choice but to play Crowell. The departures of King and Ealey should only have solidified the necessity to play the kid. Like Tyler said, adeptness at blocking shouldn't factor into the equation. If the play isn't a handoff, have Crowell run a route and leave Figgins back there to clean up defenders. In Richt's own words a receiver making a mistake only has a worse case scenario of another down.

I think Bobo functions best when he keeps it simple. Put the playmakers in a position to succeed and get out of the way.


Football Problem said...

In non-cupcake games the only time I remember Bobo sticking to what works was the 09 Tech game and the second half of 07 when Knowshon was running wild. Other than that I'm drawing blanks.

JaxDawg05 said...

I still say the offense needs to have a solid running game this year or the play action pass will not be effective.

William said...

I hope we don't see more of the attempt to balance play calling again this year. I think i'll cry if I see another wasted drive on 3 consecutive run plays up the middle and then a punt just for some sort of play balance check list.

Anonymous said...

My fave Ronald Reagan quote is "trust but verify." That's how i feel about anything that comes out of Bobo & Richt's mouth right now. Bobo's history is balance for balance's sake. Hoping to see a shift toward focusing on keeping opposing defenses *off-balance* this season. We'll see if that includes running Crowell despite an inability to block the Richt way. Fingers crossed....

Bobo means dummy in Spanish.

BuLLdawg said...





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