Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crowell - perhaps better than advertised

So Samuel will likely start the game Saturday. But it continues to be the true freshman Crowell that grabs the attentions of both fans and teammates alike.
“He’s every bit as advertised,” quarterback Aaron Murray said. “The kid every day in practice has turned people’s heads in practice like `Wow,’ (with) the things he can do. He’s a tremendously talented running back. He’ll show everyone this year. He’s going to make some plays that people’s jaws are going to hit the ground like `Wow, that kid just made that move.’”
The article referenced goes on with similar quotes from coaches and other players alike. Everyone loves this kid and from the sounds of it, the hype surrounding his recruitment doesn't do him justice. He's evidently made our starting cornerback look silly at least once and he even put himself into a scrimmage, despite a gimpy groin. Word is he loves practice as much as a human can.

All that points to a likely successful transition to the college game. And it also makes it hard to believe Samuel has beat him out for playing time. But there's something to be said for easing him into things, especially given the national attention surrounding the game Saturday.

The Columbus native himself seems okay with the idea of coming off the bench. Here's a quote from last week:
"Starting is not a big deal to me," Crowell said. "I do want to play in the game, but that’s up to the coaches."
Georgia coach Mark Richt said on national TV on signing day that he wouldn’t be shocked if Crowell was "running that rock" on the opening play against the Broncos.
"I know he had said that before, but I really wasn’t looking at it," Crowell said. "The game is 10 days away and, you know, I’m getting ready for it."
If things hold the way they are, Saturday will be the first time ever Isaiah Crowell hasn't started a football game. And if the quotes from practice are even half-truths his fans will not be disappointed once he does enter the game.

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