Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dawgs begin season at #22

The preseason USA Today Coaches Poll is out and Georgia has its lowest August ranking since 2001 at #22. I thought we'd be a little higher based on some of the optimism we've read about. But this seems about right as far as blind shots in the dark go. 

I was a little more surprised to see Boise at #7. Really thought they'd be higher than that. But playing a top 10 team to start the season should put some extra pep in this afternoon's first practice for the Dawgs. Not to mention following that up with an SEC opener against #12 USCe. The only other item of consequence, Muschomp's FU Fightin' Gators are #23.

Yeh personally, I can't stand preseason polls. They're like throwing darts at a dart board after you're 5 beers into happy hour and someone has spun you around in a circle 20 times. Well, maybe not quite so clumsy but you get my point. If you share that cynicism you should ready yourself to participate in the Mumme Poll, a poll shared by the Senator and 3rd Saturday in Blogtober. Free to join for any committed college football fan. It starts a month into the season, you know...when you can actually determine where teams should be.

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