Tuesday, August 2, 2011

engiNerds eat mor hotdogs

So a woman can't eat a Chick-Fil-A sammich while watching Duke throw SAT scores at the Yellow Jackets. Whether she took off her clothes with or without prompting is up to the courts. Our only obligation as Dawg fans is to make fun of the whole episode, starting with the following:
Is that a waffle fry in your pocket
or just your Ti-85?
  • What do nerds have against chicken sandwiches that are too Holy to serve on Sundays?
  • Any decent Dawgette would've just eaten the sandwich right there instead of either a) stuffing it down her gold sweatpants to rub right up against her sweaty Reggie Ball underoos...or b) throwing the delicacy into a trash receptacle.
  • If she did throw the sandwich into the trash, then clearly she was full up on the free hotdogs and cokes from buying so many techtix!!!1
  • How many CFA sauce packets stuffed inside a pocket protector does it take to vacate an entire Value Meal?
But Georgia fans deserve a stern talking to as well. I can't speak for radio listeners outside of the Atlanta area, but I'm getting sick of hearing these ads for season tickets on the flats. What the french Dawgs?!? It's an odd year...meaning...we play at Historic Mark Richt Field this November. Why haven't we purchased the remainder of these seats then sold the "other" games on eBay for about the price it costs to rent a cop at the joke by the coke?

Just remember, Truett Cathy is not a tech fan. And evidently the reverse is true as well. 


Paige Sosebee said...

Now I know why last week, that darn yellow jacket wouldn't let me enjoy my chicken biscuit in peace!! Anyway, give the chick a break... not often anybody ask a techie to take their clothes off!!!

Dawg Day said...

Well done Bernie. I have been thinking for a couple days a clever way make complete fun of this situation, but you did it for everybody. The only thing I would have added was a picture of the "lady", since she resembled a Chick-fil-A cow more than a Tech fan..... or are they one in the same??

Going to buy my Tech season tix now. Good call!

DawgWalker07 said...

One of the saddest things my eyes have ever seen is that Truett Cathy does in fact have Tech memorabilia on his desk at the CFA Home Office, but he does not have any Georgia items. When I visited last year I was appalled but have been unable to send him anything, seeing as how I was a poor student and am now a poor graduate.

Someone somewhere needs to fix this. For Truett's sake. For CFA's sake. And for Georgia's sake.

Bernie said...

That sucks. The one time I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Cathy was at a Georgia function. He even led us in a "Gooooooo DAWGS!!"