Friday, August 19, 2011

Ethical differences

There have been some terrific reads coming out in the wake of the smart bomb that took down Coral Gables the other day. Here's two more I'd recommend:
  • First, Randy Shannon's point of view gives readers and observers a clear perspective of what it was like to be one of the few involved in athletic operations at Miami to still have his sanity. No, he doesn't comment directly...but Gary Ferman of has some sources that give a pretty clear picture of how often and how firmly Shannon warned his players about the Canes' smallest donor with the loudest mouth.
  • Next, Groo gives a historical narrative of how our own Orson Charles avoided all this mess. Of course that was after his own HS coach helped him step right in the middle of it. Orson's a top notch guy and a helluva athlete. I can't help but give thanks that Marve and Shannon had their own philosophical differences. For UGA and Charles' sake.
Two great reads. More than worth your time today when you're supposed to be finalizing that report.

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