Thursday, August 25, 2011

Head butting, with words

Whether he was pointing a finger or just protecting his own guys, your heart just has to skip a beat when Coach Grantham speaks like this:
“Not on defense,” Grantham said. “It ain’t happened on defense. When you look at the Central Florida game, I thought the guys on defense were busting their tail. Now we didn’t finish the game the way that we wanted to, but to say that those guys outworked us, that ain’t right. That didn’t happen.”
Richt's coaching staff staff as a whole hasn't been a well oiled unit in several years. Some years you can get away with that. We. Just. Haven't.

I hope the animosity is gone amongst the staff. More directly, I hope the coddling of certain members never returns. Because we do need to shed the memory of that UCF loss in Memphis. And to fully do that we're going to need coaches that are willing to not let their players take credit/blame that is undue. Whether it is because they did poorly, or because they did well. 

In the end (at least I hope) Grantham is not as much calling out a fellow coach as much as he is protecting his players who did their job.

In my mind the latter is much more important on the actual field.


Dawg Day said...

When I read this Grantham quote the other day, I took it much more as protecting his players rather than calling out Bobo.

To hold a ranked team to 10 points is a job well done. I don't care if that ranked team is a Con-USA team.

Also, a lot of people conveniently forget a few factors in that game. The weather was equivalent to a 35 degree thunderstorm, minus the rain and lightning. Swirling winds overtook that stadium, and murray decided to go to a glove in order to better hold the ball in case the rains hit at any given moment. It was an offensive nightmare scenario from the weather gods.

Either way, I will gladly forget that game. But it is nowhere near as doom and gloom as the haters want to declare it. And with any hope, let's pray that the Boise coaching staff is THOROUGHLY studying that film as if it is the exact same team they are about to face.

TwisterHead said...

Coach G needs ot lay off the Krisy Kreme DNuts and spend some time figuring out how to stop teams form dumping 30+ on him like Florida-Georgia Tech-Auburn. When you point the finger, bloggers will get you Coach. MAN UP!

TwisterHead said...

Just for fun, watch Latitmore break nearly 50 tackles against Grantham's guys and tell me some guys wern't loafing.

Want to count every missed tackle?

William said...

Either way the comment is a good thing. Protecting your players is a good thing unless it makes them soft. Not calling out Bobo? Hell he needs to be called out. His play calling is stagnant and one good drive in a game is not gonna get you a W. So I say call his ass out Grantham make him do better.