Monday, August 29, 2011

History, will teach us nothing

The tendency to compare the 2005 season opener to this year's first game may not end with the media and the fans.
“A few guys have asked about how that game went,” Brown said, “but I try to compare that Boise team to this one and I think this Boise team is a little bit better. Obviously they’ve been able to recruit a little bit better and get some better players in there. We were kind of able to physically outmatch them last time. Obviously from a talent standpoint they didn’t have anywhere near the type of players that we had in ’05. I think we probably still outnumber them talent-wise, but they’re still a great team.”
“I’d say their personnel is bigger and faster and to me they play with a different type of attitude, which you can see on the film,” said Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, an assistant in 2005, but not the play-caller. “Like they belong and they’re here to kick butt. That’s how they play.”
 ...but it's clear the staff expects a different fight on their hands come Saturday than the one they got 6 years ago.

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RagingDog said...

I'd like to see us recuit a nasty defensive player like a Nick Fairley or Spikes or Cody or Dorsey. But it seems to me, Richt's been trying to recruit sweet kids, BoyScout types, I mean I'm sure they're real sweeet and all, but that sweetness ain't won any games the last few years around here.