Friday, August 5, 2011

It's like Vegas, but with hotter seats

Totally smurfy!
Richt evidently peeled some paint in Butts-Mehre on Wednesday night to open up the 2011 camp. Too bad the surly Paul Johnson wasn't in town, because according to Aaron Murray Coach Richt was ready for a fight.

Richt addressed the team on Wednesday night and Murray called it “my favorite speech coach Richt has given in three years. He was pumped up, energized, motivating. I walked out of the room like, ‘Wow.’ I know as players we’re ready to go, but coach Richt is ready to go out there and fight someone right now. I talked to some of the players and they loved it, too.”
Pressed for details, Murray wouldn’t divulge much.
“What happens in the team meeting room stays in the team meeting room,” he said. “I went out of there ready to play Boise State at 10 o’clock last night.”
Meanwhile, Kellen Moore evaded Gargamel and pretended he was married to Smurfette.

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