Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little margin for error

When you face a senior QB in your opener who has 38 wins already, the task is going to be a tough one. But perhaps Sanders Commings put it best on just what the pressure is like facing Kellen Moore:
"If we make any mistakes in our coverage or take one false step, that pass is going to be completed unless the receiver drops it," Georgia junior defensive back Sanders Commings said this past week. "This guy is deadly with his arm and can make every pass. We've been watching a lot of film on him, and you can see why he's a Heisman candidate."
Let's hope Moore spends a lot of time on the bench as we move the chains and eat the clock...and looking at the Dome ceiling from the discomfort of his backfield.


Anonymous said...

I hope he spends a lot of time on his back, completions or no. No one is above being rattled, not even this guy who is obviously the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Make every Bronco who has the ball know he's going to get hit harder than he has ever been hit before, make every Boise State defender know he's paying a painful price for every tackle, and Georgia wins September 3.