Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Locker Notes - Smurf edition

Wow. It's time for the season's first edition of Locker Notes. It feels like Christmas Eve...without all the toys and crap.

If you're new, here's how it works: I hand out several notes to players as a way of giving them a cyber *fist bump*. Then I provide you with the post-it notes and a sharpie (see below) to add your own. I typically don't include coaches, but you hand em out to whoever you feel like needs it. Also, I try to keep them positive in nature...even during last season's struggles.

So, let's get to it:
  • Jarvis Jones - It's been a long wait for you. Enjoy every minute cuz you've earned it.
  • Chris Burnette - Just bulldoze those boys and we'll worry about the mess afterwards.
  • Isaiah Crowell - Don't stop to laugh when the horsies have trouble keeping up with you. The only 5 star they've ever seen is the hotel they'll be checking out of early Sunday morning.
  • Tree - Closer to the ball = weapon of mass disruption. GATA!
  • Brandon Boykin - I hope Kellen Moore dares to throw it your way twice as much as Coach Peterson dares to kick it your way.
  • Blair Walsh - How far do you suppose you could kick it in the Dome?
  • Drew Butler - (see Blair's)
Ok. Here's a sharpie. Get to it.


Hunker Down said...

Tavarres King... Run fast and straight and take the go route ball without breaking stride = long TD.

Orson Charles... the seam is your friend, get comfortable in it and enjoy the mismatches.

Kwame Geathers... Make the Boise backfield your personal playground.

edethomas said...

Kwame - go blow up a bunch of "smurf"-sized offensive linemen

Motel 6 - see above

ZOSO said...

72 hours to kickoff.

Jon Jenkins aka

Mt. Athens "The 6th Wonder of the World"

And Ray Drew aka