Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Miami's vices - UPDATED

I'm just old enough to remember the old SWC* and SMUs "shenanigans". And I definitely remember the older days of "the U" when things were out of control down in Miami. But as I read the exposé over at Yahoo! Rivals by Charles Robinson I couldn't help but be amazed that this was one guy that was taking down the athletic program.

In many ways it starts as it would for all of us if we suddenly were able to stand next to key figures of the team we cheer for. Nevin Shapiro loved everything to do with the Miami Hurricanes. He just had no self-check mechanism to stop the hookers, cash, parties, fishing trips, strip clubs...and even an abortion, that the player didn't even know about!! Holy crap is this thing deep. A long dark nightmare that every college fan should read. Just don't go into it on an empty stomach.

As for Orson Charles (who's name is mentioned by Shapiro in reference to a recruiting trip), I wouldn't be too worried. If you listen to the audio here (h/t Sicemdawgs) it doesn't point to any wrongdoing. But anytime the NCAA gets involved with a Georgia player it's enough to make the Dawg Nation more than a little queasy. UPDATE  - as issues.

*earlier I had put this as the SWAC, which is the current Southwestern Athletic Conference. My error, which Alan helped to correct.


AthensHomerDawg said...

Per title...clever!

Bernie said...


DostaDawgster said...


UGA said no wrongoing, NCAA didn't say they cleared Charles. Stay tuned.

Also, Charles scores 2 td's a year, none in his career against ranked teams. With a deep set of TE's, this would have been no loss anyhow.

If Charles is later found to be guilty, and we play him, we'll have to forfeit wins and face sanctions.

Bernie said...

Everything I'm seeing (including UGAs official release) tells me there's nothing there and that this is the end of it for UGA & Charles himself. Maybe I'm missing something.

Aside from previous seasons' stats and despite our depth at TE, losing OC would be a huge loss this season.