Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday addendums: Turene & Drew

Two additional newsworthy items that came across post-meatloaf. Unfortunately nothing that brings much sunshine to the Dawghouse.

  • As expected, Kent Turene will not be in Athens this Fall. He'll be enrolling at Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia. You can read the details from Weiszer here. If he's not at UGA in January I'll be surprised.
  • And Ray Drew sprained a shoulder in a scooter accident Sunday. His return to practice is day to day. To put the "campus scooter situation" into perspective: when Cuff was cited for alley emergence it was humorous in a preposterous kind of way...when Chance Veazey's playing career ended before it began it was tragic...Drew's (and other scooter accidents like it) is both a blessing that it wasn't more serious and a curse.
Stay safe out there Dawgs.

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