Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - Item #147 vs the sofa

One was full of nails and machined screws. The other had stuffing. 

You know that saying "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus"...? I think there was a book by the title. Or maybe the saying came first, then the book. I don't know. I just think it can be broken down further than that: Men are from cushy furniture, women are from paint trays...and hammer handles...and medium grit sandpaper...and drill bits.

You get the idea. As I mentioned last week, the wife and I had this week to ourselves with the kids being entertained spoiled cared for by my folks. One one hand you could see the free time being spent catching endless naps without the agitation of doors constantly slamming and questions such as Dad, when is dinner?...We had lunch an hour ago sweetie. Or perhaps taking a long walk with the Mrs without the worry of what havoc the progeny have wreaked while unsupervised. Maybe set a spell on the deck swing.

But no. The honey-do-it! list was long. I'd get to a point where I felt caught up and could prop my feet up, only to have her yell down that I hadn't finished item #147 yet...and could I also go with her to Wal-Mart...and a place called Bed, Bath and Beyond. But what about item #147? I'd say. Shouldn't I stay and work on that? I don't like the sound of my shoes wandering through a place known as "Bed Bath & whatever there is beyond that".

Well, we compromised. After agreeing that item #147 could wait, I would drive her and she would go in alone. I figured this was safest in case she got past the point of no return in the "Beyond" portion of this store. At least the kids would still have their dad to escort them to their prom.

Assuming I ever finish item #147.

Today's Ingredients
  • Five camp questions. If the answer to #1 is somehow a "no" or a "not yet", then we can add RB to the position battles to watch for in #4.
  • As we head into camp this week, Weiszer catches us up to date on off-season motivation and the changes since the Spring game.
  • Over at DawgPost Josh Kendall previews the Georgia special teams and the offense.
  • Is Kellen Moore about to meet his match in Aaron Murray? DawgFan17 looks at the QB matchup coming to Atlanta in a few weeks. 
  • Kyle previews the most important game of the 2011 campaign, the WLOCP
  • Kickoff Friday is set for September 9th. You can register for the events here.
  • Kevin previews the fightn' FU gators.
  • I checked the blog's diametrics this weekend. Nearly half of you who visit use Internet Explorer. Folks, break out of the 90s. There are much, MUCH better browsers out there. 
  • Your welcome, now back to the rest of the ingredients.
  • From the mouths of babes...a new and improved Georgia state flag.
  • Kit's contest results are in. Looks like Pippa's butt came in a close second to Olivia's come hither eyes.
  • Despite spending a lot of time on YouTube this weekend, I missed one that Big Muddy caught - Preach It, Ray!.
  • In the latest episode of Paul Johnson vs the World, the Senator finds some numbers that could point to more headaches on the flats.
  • Lastly, Krzyzewski being investigated for a recruiting violation?? Next someone will tell me Ghandi once ate a cheeseburger.
Appreciate the feedback on the latest look of the blog here. I'm calling it version 2.3 and so far most everyone agrees that it's easier to read. I think version 1.0 was a black background with white type. So we've come a long way, Blogger and I. Unfortunately those first couple readers from way back when have yet to get their eyes to uncross. I still miss those two guys.

There will continue to be some changes in the coming week or so, but they'll be relatively minor. Just trying to clean some stuff up before football season starts. I guess I draw that inspiration from Mrs. Bernie. She's always frantic this time of year knowing she only has a couple more weekends to get stuff done around the house before she loses me for a few months. It's nice to have someone who understands that Fall is a time when the tool bag, the paint brushes and the drill need to stay in their state of hibernation. Who can concentrate on BCS rankings and depth charts against the backdrop of buzzing tools and hammering nails? 

Not to mention the breaking glass and the shrieks of despair. Have a mentioned that I'm a crappy handyman? I mean, my skills with the toolbag are nearly as bad as my skills on the innerwebs. But I cook a mean meatloaf Reader. Here's your fork. Have a great Monday!



AthensHomerDawg said...

From your post "honey do list" I can tell your Father raised/taught you right! My youngest (soph this fall) spent a week this summer with some friends at a parent's lake house. They had a sweet Cris Craft with the old K motor. Sat all winter, spring, wouldn't crank. Ben changed gas,put new plugs in and they were joyriding all week. When screen door came off during some porch play, the guys wanted to call a handy man. Ben got longer screws and rehung it. To say the least Ben was surprised at how little they could do. After all these kids are in the honors program with him. I told him "don't blame them.. blame their Dads." So Kudos to Bernie's Dad!

A said...

"Next someone will tell me Ghandi once ate a cheeseburger."
"However, Gandhi was vegetarian as part of a conscious ethical choice, not just adherence to Indian culture, as he makes clear in his Autobiography. Gandhi actually experimented with meat-eating in his youth, then gave up meat consumption just to please his mother."

Bernie said...

@AthensHomer Pretty good for an IPTAYer.

@A Can you tell my fact checker quit on me? Of course, I don't blame him. The pay sucked.