Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - Walk Throughs & Dress Rehearsals

So here we are. Game week. Saturday ends the long off season of our discontent. And hopefully begins a new era in Georgia football. The calendar needs just one more turn and then September is here. 

By midweek planes from outer regions will land, filled with both Bulldogs and Broncos alike. Buses and RVs will rumble into town as well. Pre game plans will be finalized, only to be subjected to even more scrutiny and fine tuning. Then, by Friday evening the jitters will reach their fever pitch.
Will we have enough ice? Where'd the kids put that car magnet? Is Kellen Moore as good as ESPN believes he is? What if I forget the tickets? Maybe I should give the tents one more test run in the driveway to make sure they're good to go.

Then...the sun rises on the official start to the season. You're there to watch it rise because you haven't slept a wink. Why'd you even bother trying? Saturday won't bring with it a change in the color of the leaves, or a dip in the temperatures. But it will have the customary colors of our Nation and the heat from the grills' charcoal. It does bring cheerleaders, tailgating, kids wearing facial tattoos. It'll have the familiar sound of the snare drums and the trumpet blaring Glory, Glory. We won't look over the Sanford bridge from our seats, but we'll see plenty of friends we've missed against the backdrop of a college gameday. 

We won't see our frosty breath in the air. But our voices will be fueled and we'll shout from opposite sides of the Dome, in unison: "GEORGIA!!.......BULLDOGS!!"

And that all adds up to meaningful football folks.

Today's Ingredients
  • Jeff Dantler has 5 keys to rockin the Dome.
  • Yesterday was the college football preview day for many in the local media. Weiszer finds Richt is still able to take a nap on his sofa while Phil tries to get up and down from a greenside bunker.
  • AJCs Chip Towers has five questions for Coach Richt.
  • Emerson has a story about the changing culture in the football program.
  • Along a similar vein, Kimberley uses some Sam Cooke to outline the change that could be coming.
  • Here's just a few of the responses to Boykin's tweet the other night daring Coach Peterson to kick the ball in his direction: Big Muddy is a little uneasy with trash talk, but gives #2 a fist bump. Mr. Sanchez likes the swagger displayed in a public fashion. And the Senator looks out west for some reaction.
  • Martin leaves the light on for his #6 in the countdown.
  • Tyler asks that fans cheer heartily and let the Broncos know early and often that they are no longer in potato land.
  • For all intents and purposes, Saturday is a home game. But it's not in Athens. So here's an event guide to the CFA Kickoff Classic.
  • Remember, Friday is college colors day, and Saturday is Spread the RED. Plan accordingly.
  • Phil Steele updates us on the conference polling.
  • I heard about the ESPN Gameday crew's picks, but missed it. Year2 has a rundown of them.
  • If you're like me you've been getting the tunes ready for the season too. Genxdawg puts a few words in for Jason Aldean.
  • Also, if you missed it...grab a couple good Dawg songs from Skelly.
  • Lastly, here's a great list of the differences between college football in the South as opposed to the North. h/t ecdawg
I used the weekend to take stock of things; kind of an inventory check to make sure we're where we need to be. I can't recall ever feeling this eager for a season to start. I guess 6-7 does that to you. 

Our last losing season was 15 years ago, but the off season that followed really doesn't compare to the one we just endured. The 1997 team was just Donnan's second. And quite frankly, after Goff's tenure, we were accustomed to losing. So take some time to pat yourself on the back, as the last several months have been in unfamiliar territory.

So now we trudge on through the last few days. We've analyzed everything we can and I've given you what I believe our focus should be. But we're not completely done. Tomorrow I've got Marc Weiszer dropping by to give us some insight into what he's seeing through his Athens Banner-Herald glasses. And we'll look at some specific matchups for Saturday's game as well as get to know the enemy a little better than we did the other day.

Oh, and the season's first Locker Notes comes out Wednesday. Don't miss that. And please don't miss you're mouth shoveling in forkfuls of meatloaf. Would be a shame to waste a good bite...or stain a good shirt. Have a great Monday Reader!



Hunker Down said...


I have held my enthusiasm in check throughout the summer because it just takes so long to get to the fall... but the floodgates are now open and I am ready to Hunker Down! Let's GATA Saturday.

Dr. Merkwurdigliebe said...

I'm normally not this calm before playing a Top 10 opponent, but logic keeps smacking me in the head. 99.9% of football games are won in the trenches and when you analyze the disparity in size and strength between Georgia & Boise St., I just don't see how the Broncos can beat UGA, unless we completely implode. I think we should be able to pound the rock against Boise's front 7 and control the clock. Murray will have enough yards in the air to keep Boise St. honest up front, allowing us to gobble up yards in the 4th. If Bobo calls the correct game and our guys execute Georgia should win by at least 14 points. On defense... this is a brand new day. Our DL is going to be beastly and our LB's should be some of the best in the SEC. I see a vast improvement on that side of the ball. The Broncos are going to be in for a rude awakening in the Dome.

Gov Milledge said...

The best meatloaf is always the first meatloaf of the season.

While I'm going to miss the tragic comedy of Dragon*Con and the Kickoff sharing the same parking facilities, it won't really feel like Georgia Gameday to me until we're back Between the Hedges with all the attendant pageantry (and sights).