Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No more shadows for Brown to stand in

Fans aren't the only ones ready for Marlon Brown to break free of the bench.
Mitchell is penciled in to play split end, the same position that Marlon Brown is listed at as the starter entering preseason camp.
Asked if that will put pressure on Brown, Ball said “I hope so. I hope so. Competition, man. Competition makes everyone better. It makes us better as a group and it makes us better as a football program.”
Brown has 13 career catches in two seasons, including 11 for 133 yards last season with a touchdown.
“He’s got to get better,” Ball said. “He’s got to push himself fundamentally. If he does that, he’ll take that next step.”


Kimberley Nash said...

I'm honestly beginning to wonder if Brown wants to "...take that next step". He seems a little too focused on the party scene IMO. Hopefully, he'll get his head together this season with Mitchell making a push.

Bernie said...

Agree. Once he didn't emerge during AJ's suspension last season I gave up waiting. I'll be a believer when he believes in himself.

Herschel Blogger said...

I've drank with Marlon too many times at fraternity parties and at the bars downtown to expect him to step up in his role. I'd love to see him have a break out year, but until it happens I just can't expect too much from him. He got lost somewhere among the beautiful women and plentiful alcoholic delights that Athens has to offer...