Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"The pitfalls of drunken gear shifting"

What else could Leonard Little have spoken knowledgeably about to Derek Dooley's team?
What we know is that Dooley said this about Little's visit, per theKnoxville News-Sentinel:

"Leonard's got his picture on the wall, he was an All-American, he was a part of one of those banners in there," Dooley said. "That's what we're playing for. He's a guy who lived it, he breathed it.
"I think he lost about four games in his career and then he went on to be a great NFL player. So, he represents everything to me that Tennessee is all about. The more guys like that come back, I love it when they get in front of the team."
What we also know is that in October 1998, Little left a birthday party drunk, ran a red light, and crashed into the vehicle of a woman named Susan Gutweiler. Gutweiler died, leaving behind a husband and 15-year-old son. Little registered a blood-alcohol level of .19 and was setenced to probation. Six years later, Little was pulled over for doing 78 in a 55-miles-per-hour zone. He failed his roadside sobriety tests and was arrested and charged with DWI again. 
Oh yeh, banners. I guess Britton Colquitt was busy. Then again, in Knutsville...Opportunity is Nowhere.

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