Thursday, August 18, 2011

Practice as you play, play as you practice

More proof that there is no more hand outs when it comes to playing time.
“Every practice is a big deal because coaches go back and analyze it,” [Wooten] said. “If you have a bad practice, they see that… Every practice I think of as gameday and just go out and try to make plays because that’s what I came to do.”
Although it will be awhile before we know for sure if the "Get on the bus" mantra will translate to the field of play, it's getting downright impossible to argue that it's not having enormously positive effects off of it. Gone are the days of just taking a practice or two off because of a nagging muscle. And players are eager to prove their worth during the week so that they might get between the boundary lines on Saturdays.

If this season saves Richt from the hot seat he's on, it won't be because of Good Richt or Evil Richt. It'll be all due to Accountability Richt.


Stephen said...

Not a game, not a game, not a game. We talkin bout practice.

Practice makes perfect.

Goose said...

1st team offense scored:
1 td on g-day
o td's in 1st scrimmage
1 td in 2nd scrimmage

JBDawg said...

But Goose, you have to remember that these scrimages are "situational". The Bulldawgs are not simulating an entire game. It sounded like most of the scrimage yesterday revolved around 3rd and long or short scenarios.

All I'm saying is that the scrimages are conducted in a way that may limit the number of touchdowns actually scored. I don't believe the number of touchdowns scored (during these scrimages) should be considered a good indicator of how the offense is producing.

Bernie said...

Good point JBDawg. Murray expressed some frustration that they were only allowed 8 plays per drive.

On the other hand it's impossible to get excited over what we're hearing when our last vision was of 6 points against UCF.

Goose said...

Don't kid yourself, it's all about the td's. It ain't about yards, passing efficiency, and all those other garbage stats.

Last 4 public performances by #1 Offense:
UCF: 0 td's
G-Day: 1 td
1st scrim: 0 td's
2nd scrim: 1 td

This unit better find a way to get in the end zone or, like last year's 15 a game average against ranked teams, it's going to a long season.

Defense can hold teams down, and will, but you have to score some points against Boise for sure, like 25+ to get a Win. South Carolina, need 21+ to get the win.

Dogs havn't scored more than 1 td in last 4 public outings.

Why can't the #1 offense score? What's going on?