Saturday, August 6, 2011

Practice Talk: Day 2

First off, still waiting on official word from Kent Turene regarding his status with the NCAA Clearinghouse...but it seems unlikely he'll be/has been cleared. I know Grantham really wants this kid. Sounds like he'll have to wait.

As for Jarvis, the clock's still ticking. Some other notes from yesterday:
Kent Turene
  • Seeing as how I never remember seeing him getting tackled backwards, I like how Weiszer threw this little nugget into his day two practice notesStrength coach assistant and former running back Thomas Brown again was spending his practice time eyeing the running back groups coached by Bryan McClendon. Not a bad resource to have around.
  • Cornelius Washington missed practice with what sounds like is a hamstring issue. Hope it's not a lingering issue.
  • Speaking of OLB, Washington sitting out has lead to early reps for Ray Drew, and the early returns are positive.
  • Crowell is legit y'all!
  • If you've been worried (like me) about the offensive line depth, CMR thinks some freshmen are ready to fill the least ready in early August.
  • Jenkins practiced despite missing some time Thursday due to the heat.
  • And once again, Malcolm Mitchell y'all.

    Can't blame Jenkins at all, cuz it is frackin' HOT. I'm cussing at my car's cooling system for 5+ minutes before getting any kind of relief. I can't imagine how hot it is for people like Coach Richt...or Kwame...or Fletcher Page.



    Anonymous said...

    Good. Glad you're posting flecks of good news from practice.

    Many of us will predict a good season for Mitchell who thus far has shown attributes of AJ(hard work, great speed and great hands). By the time he gets in a game he won't be a "surprise" to us. Learning the plays this early puts him ahead of AJ at this stage.

    Anonymous said...

    The comments on Jenkins are well deserved for those fans who have advanced paranoia and might view that incident as his being out of shape. Nothing of the kind and could have happened to anyone, including Carlton Thomas. It was best to err on the side of good judgement and get him off the field before something worse happened.

    Kudos to everyone concerned.

    A said...

    any news on Boo's groin??

    Bernie said...

    I don't think he's missing many (if any) reps. But it's evidently a lingering problem.