Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Practice Talk: Muscles and Scooters

Classes have started. Camp is closed. But preps continue on.

  • Sore muscles continue to grab headlines in Athens. Samuel and Crowell are of special concern as their nagging injuries leave the backfield nearly desolate. The coaches say not to worry, and that may indeed be the case in the end. But it only strengthens the opinion that an underlying issue ($$) still haunts the strength and conditioning of the Georgia football program.
  • Looks like Samuel is out the rest of the week while Crowell attempted to participate yesterday but wasn't well enough. Depending on how they feel tomorrow (today the team has the day off) they might both be out of the Dawgs second scrimmage, which is slated for tomorrow. Luckily Malcome returned from his illness yesterday and practiced with the team.
  • Ray Drew won't require surgery following his scooter accident on Sunday. The bigger news may be the traction the ongoing saga of athletic scooters gets around UGA. Some fans are calling for a ban. Others recognize the parking nightmare that exists for our athletes. A ban on scooters only exacerbates the problem. Prez Adams...AD McGarity...what say you sir?
  • Back to actual football sore muscles...Cornelius Washington has returned from his hamstring tweak. While he was gone Chase Vasser grabbed a firm hold on backup OLB. As I said earlier, Vasser is a gritty player and will do well. To add to his versatility he's also working at ILB since Herrera has been out with a shoulder bruise. But we need Jones, Herrera, Washington and Drew on the field as much as possible. So stay safe and stay limber.
  • OL Depth improves with some really young players. Chris Burnette had a stomach illness and couldn't go yesterday so Dallas Lee and Kolton Houston took snaps in his spot. Richt also said Austin Long is nearly done with his bout of mono.
As we march on through the heat of August towards September 3rd, let's stay hydrated and stretched out. Go Dawgs!


Anonymous said...

A stomach illness? That only strengthens the opinion that there is still an underlying issue at Snelling Dining hall.

Anonymous said...

We don't need Herrera and Drew on the field "as much as possible". They are true FR and it's going to take time, even for a guy like Drew, to make the transition. I really like our starting 4 LB's - Robinson and Ogletree on the inside and Jarvis Jones and Washington on the outside. Barring injury, they should get most of the snaps, especially early in the year.